Inexplicably, The #CrateChallenge Puts Common Sense To The Test

CrateChallenge - Crate Challenge

Just when it seemed like these social media challenges were dying down, the internet is back to prove it is undefeated with brand new challenge.  The #CrateChallenge basically involves a tower of crates lined up to be steps.  When people take the challenge they essentially walk up to the highest step in the center, and then down the steps on the other end.

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The origins of the challenge are a bit hard to find, but it seems to be a product of folks having watched the most recent Olympic Games.  In addition to the #CrateChallenge hashtag, it is commonly accompanied by another hashtag: #HoodOlympics.

While there is no way to verify it, the original creator of the #CrateChallenge on IG appears to be @foreva_3g from Newark, NJ.  That’s according to the internet.  If I can find someone with a better origin story, I will let you know with an update.

With students returning to college campuses and the Summer winding down, the challenge couldn’t have picked a better time to ramp up.  Unfortunately it just looks like someone will get hurt doing in.  The challenge looks easy to do because its just some crates and they look sturdy in a stack, but as most people who try the challenge find out, crates aren’t made for walking…

Before we get into it…

And now, the Best of the #CrateChallenge

Where all these damn crates coming from???
We found it…


Okay, back to the best of…


Rapper Boosie Badass hosted a #CrateChallenge competition in his hood.  It didn’t end well…

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