7 Best Bridal Party Gifts That Your Girl Squad Will Definitely Love

You already have your beloved girls around you, getting ready for your big day. They have been by your side every step of the way, literally, from getting excited after you got engaged to planning your bachelorette party from helping with the wedding dress search. We are sure that they helped you with your wows while also crying together due to the cuteness of your love, so it is time to reward them too! Here are 7 of the best bridal party gifts that will show your girl squad how thankful you really are! Love is all around, and your girls deserve some appreciation too!


Pajamas all the way!

Best Bridal Party Gifts - Pajamas
Having comfortable sleepwear is crucial for a good night’s sleep. By choosing cute, comfy pajamas, you will show how much you care about your girls’ beauty sleep. The bride needs to be well-rested and stunning, but so does her bridesmaids. Show how much you want your squad to feel comfortable, and also, these pajamas will come in handy for those girl nights out that end in a sleepover. Even after becoming a married woman, you will still enjoy those moments of friendship! 

Light a candle and relax

Candles, yes, candles. They come in various sizes, scents, and even, dare we say – moods. You can buy a candle for every season, holiday, and memory, so this is what you should do, find that candle that will remind your friends of your friendship. We would recommend adding customization to it and writing a name on each for that personal touch. And if you are in crafts yourself and want to make it a memorable experience, do a candle-making workshop right at your home. Those DIY kits are easy to come by, and by doing this, all of your girls will have that candle that will remind them of you.

A mystery gift box, but make it personal

All love those mystery gift boxes, be it skincare, accessories, or makeup. However, we suggest trying and making one yourself. Instead of those ready-to-buy ones, make one full of memories and things that your friend group will appreciate. As we are sure these girls came through ice and fire for you, to be where they are right now, you surely know what they like, so create a box that will show them that. Some memorable pictures, candies that they love, souvenirs from the places you have visited together. Those tiny bottles of your favorite cocktails from nights out, movies that you watched like a thousand times, and a handwritten letter will be better than any subscription box.

Bath bombs, salts, and all that relaxation

Just like candles and pajamas, bath bombs, bath salts, and soaps will show your squad that you care about them. Allow your girls to relax and pamper themselves with that hot bath and unique scents filling their bathroom by creating a cute box full of the essentials. Your girls will surely use them. The gift will not be left lying around forgotten and unused. A good and relaxing bath is a must, but let’s not judge those shower lovers too. You know your friends the best, so prepare the best smelling gift of shower oils, gels, and scrubs for them. This way, each member of your squad will love the gift and be happy to use it for their moments of relaxation.

Phone cases? Yes, yes, yes

Best Bridal Party Gifts - Phone Cases
You surely text a lot with your girls. That group chat never rests, especially now that your BIG DAY is on the nose, so you really understand how crucial it is to stay in contact with them. No harm should come to their phones. Still, life happens, phones are dropped, and those flip cases do not look that cute… So, help your girls keep their phones safe and sound with the
protective and cute phone case from burga.com. You will find a wide range of designs; you might discover matching ones that will fit your bridesmaids’ dresses. Also, you can customize them! How fun is that? 

Coffee, because they need it


Planning and helping with everything that comes with weddings – not easy. And we will not exaggerate by saying that it is actually exhausting. We know good sleep is crucial, but that pick-me-up that coffee gives is really what may help your girls to stay on top of their game and ready to jump to your help when everything becomes too stressful. Good, tasty, gourmet coffee as a gift will be appreciated. Yes, coffee to go might be a good option. Still, nothing beats that fresh coffee smell in the morning that fills the whole house. Suppose some of your girls just can not fathom the idea of making the coffee themselves in the mornings. In that case, a coffee shop gift card will be even more appreciated, you know to each their own.


Throw Blanket or Pillows

Best Bridal Party Gifts - Throw PillowsGifting something cozy, cute, and functional is an excellent and easy option, and this is where the throw blankets and pillows shine. Everyone loves that comfortable blanket that is always welcoming on cold evenings, that never judges if you lay on the sofa for the whole Sunday, and which is always there for you when a ghost appears in a scary movie, same is with the throw pillows. They not only add some charm to your sofa or bed but will also be there for you to hold it when your back or stomach hurts or when you simply want to cuddle or hold something. Provide your lovely girls with comfort that will always remind them of you. They sure deserve to stay warm and cozy at all times. 

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