Features You Didn’t Know Your iPhone 13 Pro Max Had

The holiday season is approaching and seems like almost everyone wants a new iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro or an iPhone 13 Pro Max.  Many people don’t even realize the benefits of the phone and they don’t take advantage of their iPhone 13 Pro Max features.  Some of those iPhone features might be obvious to seasoned users, because they might have been available on past versions of the phone, but we’ll highlight some some of the seemingly hidden iPhone 13 Pro Max features for you, in case you get one as a gift, purchase it yourself and decide to give the gift of iPhone this season.

Back Tap

This feature enables you to double tap on the back of the phone and link it to a specific command, like take a screenshot, open Spotify, etc! It’s super nifty and is like having your favorite app or shortcut on speed dial.

To do this, go to Settings, then Accessibility, then Touch. There you’ll find the Back Tap option. You can also add a command to Triple Tap!

Live Text

If you have text written on a sheet of paper, or even a newspaper article text that you want to share, you can can hover over it as if you are taking a picture and scan text in any app!  So you can copy it into your browser, into your notes or into your text message.  All you have to do it hover and hit “scan text”.

Flight Tracker

If someone sends you an iMessage of their flight number or vice versa, you can tap on the text and you will be able to follow along on the flight and be able to track them!

Background Noises

Some people download the sleep app or listen to sleep stations on YouTube or something like that.  However, the new iPhones have background noises available in the Accessibility/Audio/Visual/Sound section of your phone.  You can play anything from rain to dark noise to accompany you at bed time, during yoga or any time you don’t want to play music.

Shared With You

The Messages app delivers a new Shared with You section for photos, articles and more to make it easier to keep track of all the different links friends text your way.

Cinematic Mode Video Recording

Cinematic Mode is a new video recording feature that shoots in Dolby Vision HDR. It lets you shift your video’s focus from foreground to background objects and persons, even after the video has been recorded, creating a stylish depth of field effect.

In addition, while shooting video, Cinematic Mode switch focus from foreground to background and vise-versa automatically. For example if a person in the foreground turns to look back, Cinematic Mode will transition its focus on the background, unblurring it.


Hope you’re taking advantage of your iPhone 13 and taking advantages of its the many iPhone 13 Pro max hidden features.

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