Snoop Dogg Sued Over Social Media Post

Snoop Dogg Sued Over Social Media Post

Snoop Dogg‘s social media antics could’ve just landed him in social war. News recently emerged that that Snoop Dogg was sued.

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If you’ve been following Uncle Snoop on the ‘gram for some time now, then you know that he’s known for resharing viral memes and videos that we all get a kick out of.

However, a news outlet by the name of FreedomNews.TV wasn’t too happy with a post that was made on his page back in April, and because of that, the iconic rapper is being sued.

According to reports from Billboard, who broke the Snoop Dogg sued news, this past Monday, a lawsuit for copyright infringement was filed against Snoop Dogg in the Los Angeles federal court. The plaintiff is accusing the defendant (Snoop) of stealing licensed footage and posting it to his Instagram without their permission.

The content in question shows a protestor falling off of JPMorgan Chase’s headquarters, after attempting to climb the building. “Dummy of the Week,” Snoop wrote in the caption under the clip that now holds over four million views.

FreedomNews.TV is also trying to come after Snoop for an alleged violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Since Snoop failed to include any credit for the video’s original owner, it appears that he broke the rule of the act.

Billboard reads:

“Defendant intentionally removed copyright management information related to the video,” FreedomNews.TV wrote. “Defendant purposefully failed to include the video credit originally conveyed with the video in order to mislead the public into believing that defendant either owned the video or had legitimately licensed it.”

No word from Snoop’s team… as of yet.

If we’re being honest, it seems like a case of Uncle Snoop just reposting another funny video to his social media–one that we’re sure he never would’ve intended on any legal trouble following.

We’re hoping that things are soon solved between both parties.


What are your thoughts?

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