6 Cozy Holiday Cocktails to Try This Season

Whether the holidays are approaching or you’re just vying for them in the middle of the summer, there’s nothing like a good holiday beverage to give you cozy feels and a sense of festivity. Among the many popular options out there, here are six holiday cocktails that won’t leave you wanting for holiday cheer.

Moscow Mule

A good Moscow mule recipe will achieve a beverage that has a great blend of spicy, sweet and sour flavors. It consists of vodka, ginger beer and lime juice, so it’s not only a holiday drink but works for all seasons. Its ginger spice gives it the nostalgic flavor of the holidays, while at the same time its citrus tartness gives it a refreshing quality. There are plenty of fun variations to try, too, adding flavors such as cherry, raspberry and even carrot to the mix. Apple and cranberry are particularly fitting for the holidays.

Modern English

The modern English is a delicious cocktail to serve to your guests, mixing gin, lemon juice, fresh pear (diced) and then some maple syrup to sweeten it up. The gin contributes an herbal, fresh flavor with a hint of spice, and each subsequent ingredient balances it out with just the right tartness and sweetness. Be sure to drop in a cinnamon stick before you start sipping!

Pear Tree Martini

This special martini brings you everything that’s great about a martini with a fall flavor twist! Spiced-pear vodka, with all of its complexity of flavor, is mixed with St. Germaine (a French liqueur), Angostura bitters and lime juice to make this warm and delicious cocktail. Shake it all together, strain it and then add a little bit of fresh pear to garnish.


An indulgent drink perfect for spending a winter day inside with family and friends, the coquito combines sweet creams with rich spices. Sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk and cream of coconut are all combined (which already tells you how rich this drink is), and then nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla are added, offering up their many nuances of flavor. The whole mixture is warmed up before spiced rum is poured in to complete the cocktail. It’s not the most convenient beverage to prepare, but if you take the time to make it right then it’s more than worth the effort.


Light and fizzy while incorporating flavors of grape and citrus, the figurati is a fun addition to any holiday party. Lambrusco, a wine made from the grape by the same name, is the base for this cocktail, and added to it is some chilled Cappelletti aperitivo, which is a red bitter, and just a bit of Peychaud’s bitters. Simply garnish with a lemon twist and enjoy.

Mulled Wine

Finally, while not technically a “cocktail” in the same way as the rest of these drinks, mulled wine is another great beverage for the holidays. It takes the beautiful flavors of red wine and infuses them with the bright, sweet tang of fresh oranges and holiday spices such as cinnamon and star anise. Sweetener can be added to taste, like sugar, honey or even maple syrup, and adding a little liqueur to the mix is a popular way to add some extra kick to it.

Remember that while they’re especially fun during the holidays, these six cozy holiday cocktails are also great for bringing a bit of nostalgia and delicious flavor to whatever season of the year you find yourself in. Not only are the base recipes a great addition to your cocktail repertoire, but each one is an opportunity to get creative and add your own small twist.

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