The 3 Reasons You Keep Getting Ants In Your House

Sometimes it seems like no matter what you do, you keep getting ants in your house. No matter what you do they seem to keep coming back. In the summer, they can be especially problematic and annoying. 

However, they are there for a reason. You may still have something going on that keeps them wanting to come back. Besides just being annoying, they can also be a sign of some internal problems in the house, too. 

This isn’t to say that you should give up. Once you take action to getting rid of ants, you then have to do a few things to make sure they don’t come back. In this article, we will go over the reasons you keep getting ants in your house and explain several things to do to keep them away permanently. 

1 – Leaks

Just like any other creature, ants need a water source. If you have an unfinished basement with a leaky foundation, then this is probably the source of your problem. It doesn’t even just have to be a basement. 

Any leaky pipes, faucets or shower drain can lead to water building up and creating conditions that will attract ants. Basements, bathrooms and kitchens are likely to be where they are coming in and thriving so check for leaks in those areas first. 

The key is to look behind and under cabinets and even the walls to find moisture. You may need to use a humidity detector to see if there is any unseen water under the floor or behind a wall. 

Once a leak is detected and fixed, you may find the ants have moved on to where they can find another source of water. This may be the end of the problem. 


2 – There Is Wood Decaying In The House

Termites are often the culprits when there is wood that is rotting and attracting them into the house. However, rotting wood isn’t always the realm of termites. It also attracts ants. 

Carpenter ants can do just as much damage as termites. Possibly even more if there are enough of them in the house. They are usually attracted to the humidity in the wood where there is a leak so there is even more motivation to find those leaky pipes.

Usually, the problem starts on the outside of the house which attracts the ants, and termites. Look for things like old tree stumps that are starting to break down or even the structure of the house itself. Fix these things first and then work on the wood inside the house. 


3 – There Is Food Out

It is really important to keep food put away so there is no temptation for the ants lying about. It doesn’t stop there, however. Lots of times, food falls behind the kitchen counters or under the stove and that is where the ants will have a field day. 

Make sure to clean the kitchen thoroughly and really scrub down any surface that could be greasy. Then, put out some kind of repellent to keep them from coming back.

Photo by Malcolm Shadrach on Unsplash

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