‘Tampa Baes’: Meet the Cast Behind the New Lesbian-Led Reality Show

Meet The Cast of Tampa Baes series

Get to Know Fun Facts About Prime Video’s Tampa Baes Cast

Life is happier when you live it out loud, and the ladies of Amazon Prime Video’s all-new, lesbian-led reality show, Tampa Baes, are definitely living loud and proud.  Here’s your chance to meet the cast of Tampa Baes.

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The forthcoming unscripted series follows the lives of twelve friends as they navigate through Tampa Bay, Florida’s LGBTQ+ scene, and the many stigmas and stereotypes that often come with it. Deemed the “it girls” of The Big Guava, this rambunctious crowd not only spends their time lashing labels and crushing controversies but also showing the world that there is fun on the other side of freedom. And these baes are certainly not afraid to be free in who they are.

However, don’t be fooled. Everything isn’t always a good time and a tray of shots within this group of colorful women. From hookups and heartbreaks to messiness and mistakes, the drama that is brewing on the shoreline is enough to blow us all away. Things are bound to get heated in this hotspot for the gays.

Set to premiere on November 5th, the eight-episode production stars Ali Myers, Nelly Ramirez, Shiva Pishdad, Jordan Whitley, Marissa Gialousis, Summer Mitchell, Cuppie Bragg, Brianna Murphy, Haley Grable, Melanie Posner, Olivia Mullins, and Mack McKenzie.

Along with Amazon Studios, Tampa Baes is produced by 3 Ball Productions, with Reinout Oerlemans, Ross Weintraub, Jeff Altrock, Paul O’Malley, and Melissa Bidwell credited as executive producers.

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Here are some things you may want to know about the all-star cast.

Meet The Cast of Tampa Baes

Haley Grable


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Known to others by the nickname Halo, Grable was born in Holland, Michigan but later relocated to Naples, Florida at the age of twelve. After graduating high school, she moved to Tampa to attend the University of South Florida and take up Biomedical Sciences.

Grable came out to her family when she was eighteen, but ten years later, she still battles with their approval of her lifestyle. In 2015, she began dating her now-co-star, Brianna Murphy, who soon became her biggest support system. The show will not only capture Grable’s unbreakable bond with Murphy but also her own journey to self-acceptance.

When she’s not posting to her 70,000-follower Instagram account or making videos for her and her girlfriend’s joint TikTok (@itsbraley), which holds over 34,000 followers, she enjoys gardening, singing, producing music, traveling, and dancing.


Brianna Murphy


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New York City bred, New Jersey fed. Alike to her lady, Halo, she also goes by a nickname, which happens to be her last name, Murphy. The twenty-nine-year-old Northerner came to the South at the age of eleven, settling in Weeki Wachee, Florida with her family. However, when she turned nineteen, the Tampa Bay area became her new home. During her time in the Bay, Murphy has remained active within the local LGBTQ+ community.

Although initially going to college to work in the medical field, Murphy made the decision that if she was going to pursue a profession, it was going to be on her terms only. She has since embarked on several entrepreneurial ventures, including real estate, house flipping, and investing. 

Breaking barriers in business, especially as a woman, isn’t easy, but Murphy’s straight-to-the-point, ambitious personality has made it look like it is. She doesn’t wait to be shown respect; she demands it.

Three years after she and Grable started dating, the pair introduced the idea of Tampa Baes to a producer. From concept to now a full cast, Murphy and Grable have just created Amazon Prime Video’s next phenomenon.


Jordan Whitley


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From The Diamond State to The Sunshine State, this Delaware-born beauty is bringing a whole new level of hotness to the city of Tampa.

After graduating Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Rutgers University and participating in their Division 1 Softball, Whitley uprooted to Florida to attend the University of Miami and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2018.

From there, she proceeded to become an RN and is now a traveling ICU nurse. Though athletics and medicine will forever be Whitley’s first loves, her media platforms show that she’s also heavily involved in social and mental health activism.

Previously, Whitley has opened up about her childhood struggles as a biracial individual in society and the racial injustice that she’s faced because of her ethnic background.

“Growing up mixed I always felt different. I was too black for the white kids. My hair was curly and frizzy, or as one girl in high school so kindly described it, ‘nappy.’ [and] it was often something my classmates [and] teachers felt the need to play with,” Whitley wrote on her Instagram. “In my head, I was too white for the black kids. I didn’t grow up super close to the black side of my family [and] because of that, I felt a disconnect, mainly in my own head, and I honestly felt embarrassed for a long time being around other black people because I just didn’t feel like I was ‘black enough.'”


Cuppie Bragg


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Everyone needs a Cupp in their life, and this Tampa Bay native is definitely someone to Bragg on.

If fine and fit was a person, it’d definitely be Cuppie Bragg. Aside from her career as a trauma nurse, Bragg is currently in school striving to become a nurse practitioner and working as a bartender.

Through her social media content, it’s clear that she proudly owns her sexuality and encourages others to do the same.

When she’s not hitting the books, she’s hitting the gym. Bragg owns an online fitness company by the name of CUPPFIT, where she virtually coaches others on how to lead a healthier lifestyle.

In her downtime, she seems to enjoy making video reels, serving up the baddie selfies on the ‘gram, and hanging out.


Shiva Pishdad


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From watching the show, you may get to know Pishdad as the goofball of the crew. She’s the perfect combination of crazy, sexy, cool.

Pishdad is of Iranian American descent. She’s a sucker for business, people, and technology, according to her LinkedIn page.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences from the University of South Florida and is also a part of the master’s program for Management Information Systems.

Outside of her day job as a microbiologist, Pishdad is often seen cheers(ing) it up or living her best life.

We can’t want to see what gossip the social butterfly brings to Tampa Baes!


Olivia Mullins

Mullins is from the “Bible Belt” of the South, Sweet Home Alabama.

Since moving to Tampa a few years ago, the twenty-four-year-old bartender has seemingly settled well in the new area and made lots of connections.

Mullins is reportedly a people person who loves playing with her dogs and going to concerts. Whenever there’s a party, you can assure that this Bama Belle will be the life of it!

The beach is her home away from home–and judging by the gorgeous artwork on her arms, the tattoo shop is as well.


Mack McKenzie (Sarah)


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If you ain’t Mackin’, you ain’t crackin’.

Socially known as just Mack, this thriving millennial is a fun-loving, God-fearing Virgo who’s passionate about art, music, and giving others the freedom to create.

Her voice for the LGBTQ+ community is just as loud for the Lord and the fellow creatives around her.

She just recently launched her podcast, Mackin N’ Florida, which is available on Spotify.

“I’d like to say a personal thank you to everyone who has been a part so far and supported the vision. This podcast has been a dream of mine for three years and [I] can’t wait to have you guys tune in!” Mack said in her announcement post. “If you know me you know I’m a supporter of all things art and creative. It feeds my soul [and] now a space and place where I get to highlight locals and influencers from my city and my state doing their DAMN THANGG! This is a dream and my heart and soul.”


Marissa Gialousis

Gialousis is an RN and (from her Instagram bio) a chicken wing expert. Pun intended.

As Tampa Bay’s own, there’s no better way to enjoy the blue skies and the palm trees than with her Bae of four years by her side, who happens to be her co-star, Summer Mitchell.

Gialousis comes from a family of Greeks, and her culture is near and dear to her. She loves exploring new places and gaining new experiences.

Although chicken seems to be her “day one,” it appears that Gialousis is an all-around foodie, as her Instagram captures a variety of yummy dishes.


Summer Mitchell

Mitchell relocated from Jacksonville Beach to Tampa Bay to start a life with her lovely lady, Gialousis.

In addition to doing life with her wonderful partner, Mitchell does professional makeup, and she and her girlfriend also have a couples channel on YouTube, titled Her and I.

Some of her creative face looks can be found on her Instagram page.

During an interview with Amazon, Mitchell told the popular company that she’s big on living in the moment, and her mantra is, “Make it simple but significant.”


Ali Myers


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Texas has officially met Florida.

Myers is a Houstonian who’s been living in the Bay for the past six years. As of now, she’s a real estate agent. However, not to be confused, she may work a lot, but she plays, too.

After showing houses and signing deals, Myers mainly spends time with her soulmate, Nelly Ramirez, who will be alongside her in Tampa Baes.

She’s a cat lover, and good food and drinks certainly equal a good time for her.


Nelly Ramirez


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This Dominican queen hails from none other than the great Queens, New York.

Ramirez is a licensed and certified professional makeup artist. She currently runs her own beauty studio, Nelly’s Brow Bar, in the city of Tampa.

Through her brand, she focuses on crafting the perfect brows for her array of clients.

Hustle is Ramirez’s middle name!


Melanie Posner


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A post shared by Melanie Posner (@therealmelpoz)

Last but certainly not least, Posner is an artistic soul with a one-of-a-kind view of the world at her fingertips.

Coined Tampa’s leading muralist, she’s been spending the last (almost) decade building her business and putting her name in the mouths of many.

Posner credits herself as a fine artist and a free spirit. Her Instagram is the home of various of her most notable pieces and other custom work.

Her art offers a bold outlook on the sensuality of women and the communities surrounding them.


Which cast member do you think will be your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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