Finding the Right Impersonator For an Appearance at Your Party

Finding the Right Impersonator

Celebrity impersonators have been considered a niche form of performance artist for some time, but they have been popularized in recent years with the blossoming of social media and increased interest in political and satirical comedy. Everyone from Elvis impersonators to Trump impersonators have been hits at parties for years, and the performance style is only growing. Here are some things to look out for when hiring a celebrity impersonator for a party that will be sure to keep your guests entertained. 

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1. Do They Look the Part?

There are tons of people who have been told they look like a certain celebrity, and try to bank on it, but there may be only a passing resemblance. Or even delusion on the part of the one who told them so! Though their intentions may be good, these are not the folks you want to hire for a party. When researching impersonators, make sure that the person has a likeness that is uncanny, either from the luck of being born that way or meticulous effort into the mimicking of makeup, hair, attire, and the like. There isn’t a fine line between amateur impersonation and professional impersonation. In this type of performance art, it is very clear to decide who is the right one for the job.

2. Have They Mastered the Voice and Mannerisms?

In addition to physical appearance, style, and dress, it’s critical to pay attention to the real acting chops of the impersonator. Have they mastered the vocal tone and inflections of the celebrity? Have they been able to mimic mannerisms like hand movements, gait, and other detailed physicalities of the subject? On a much more basic note, are there photos and videos of their work online that you can use to assess their skill? If there aren’t, that is a big no-no when it comes to hiring, unless you’ve seen them perform in-person already and have faith in their abilities. 

3. Are they Running Their Impersonation As a Business?

As alluded to above, it’s important to hire a professional impersonator and not someone whose Grandma’s gardener told them they sort of look a little like Tom Cruise. In the age of the internet, it’s easy to figure out who is a professional and who isn’t, based upon the presence of websites, material to assess, and social media profiles. If someone is running their impersonation performances like a business, then you can count on a trustworthy exchange rather than dealing with the whims of someone who doesn’t take what they are doing seriously. 

4. Interview Them

This goes for hiring actors for films, too. You may speak to someone via email, see audition tapes, scan their social media, and have the sense that you are hiring the perfect person for the job. Unfortunately, this isn’t an efficient process. You need to have either a phone call, virtual meeting, or in-person meeting to assess their real personality, work ethic, and attitude before making an offering or signing any contracts. 

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