[INTERVIEW] British Nigerian Singer & Actress, Lucianne Shares New Video, Fun Facts


Lucianne is not only a rising star in Nollywood, she is also an incredibly talented singer, delivering afro-beats inspired offerings.  The talented songwriter recently released her buzzing single, “More,” along with an imaginative virtual reality visual that is garnering attention all over the world.

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“More” is the lead single from her forthcoming EP, her first project since rebranding from her previous moniker, Luci Monet.

“More” is written by Lucianne, an opportunity to show off her pen game.  It is produced by Nigerian musician Majeek.  Watch the visual below.

Lucianne shared some fun facts about her for new fans and old followers alike.  Get to know Lucianne!

01.  I used to be in a girl group called LuvHS, we were performing together for about 5 years sharing the stage with the likes of comedian Eddie Kadi and JLS. We auditioned for X Factor twice and on one of the occasions Simon Cowell asked me to go solo, I declined the offer and a few years later I decided to go solo myself and here I am now.

02.  I am also an actress, I starred as leading role in a number of Nollywood movies like Three Thieves which is available on Netflix and Amazon Prime. I am also part of Ashley Walter’s acting Academy; Kingdom Drama School and hope to soon be appearing on UK screens. I actually fell into acting during my move to Nigeria a few years ago, I flew out for music, but ended up auditioning for a TV series and got the lead role. On set the director was really impressed and invited me for another audition that I then got supporting lead role in and that film was released in Nigerian Cinemas. During filming the make up artist invited me for another audition that I got lead role in again and from then on every set that I was on was literally an open door for another filming opportunity. It was such a surreal and amazing experience.

03.  I own my own record label RIV (Real Issa Vibe). I have a strong team working with me at the label and I am very fortunate to be the pioneering artist and first to sign under the label. We hope to eventually be able to sign other artists and I feel super lucky to have the team that I have working with me on this and potentially looking at getting a partnership with a bigger label down the line.

04.  I used to be called Luci Monet when I first went solo, I released a few songs under that alias, one of which was a song called “IJO” featuring Mista Silva and that song went to number 1 on the UK Afrobeats chart via DJ Shopsy Doo. This inspired my move back to Nigeria to get more in touch with my roots and in doing so I actually found my true self and hence the name change and rebranding to ‘Lucianne’. This is my real name and I decided to rebrand to my real name so that I could be as true and real to myself as possible hence the label name ‘Real Issa Vibe’. (pronounced Real is a vibe)

05.  I co-own a football team. My team is called Atlantic Business Football Club and it has been running for about 4 years now. It is a grassroots football team based in Nigeria. We are currently in division 2 of the Nigerian premier league and playing in one of the best grassroots leagues in Nigeria; TCC (The Creative Championship) League. The sole objective is to participate in the improvement of the Nigerian/African football sector whilst creating opportunities for talented footballers to be seen globally.

Lucianne also answered some questions about her upcoming EP, what’s next for her acting career and a bit more.  Keep reading to meet Lucianne!!!

Parlé Mag:  What can listeners expect from your upcoming EP? Do you have a title yet?
Lucianne:  I am playing around with the title “Lucianne: Becoming” because the music tells a story of my journey especially the rebranding from Luci Monet to Lucianne and finding myself during my time in Nigeria. For example “More” talks about an experience that I had during the pandemic and lockdown where we could only communicate with our loved ones online and had a yearning to have more of each other, similarly my listeners can expect to hear my life experiences and my journey through good music.

Parlé Mag:  What are your plans for the rest of the year?
To keep releasing good music, I have a number of songs already recorded and I am considering releasing an EP later in the year or potentially another one or 2 singles first and then the EP. But more recently I have a trip planned to Nigeria for a radio tour and also a few appearances / live performances. I am hoping to be able to perform at a few UK festivals this summer, but let’s see what happens. The main thing is to consistently bring out good music.

Parlé Mag: 
What’s next for you in film?
I joined Kingdom Drama school last year, which is an acting school co-founded by Ashley Walters and I am hoping to get more UK based opportunities off the back of this. I have been approached by filmmakers in Nigeria so there is always that potential of another movie coming out of Nigeria that I star lead in.

Parlé Mag:  How do you plan to continue to juggle both worlds of music and film?
I believe it wouldn’t really be an issue to have to juggle both and I have a passion for both so I would always give my all with any opportunity I get from either side. Some really great musicians have been able to do both successfully e.g, Aaliyah, Tupac, a number of UK artists also and I just believe that I may have to work a little bit harder and make a few more sacrifices but it shouldn’t be a problem I reckon.

Parlé Mag:   Outside of music and film, what other ventures or passions do you have?
Lucianne:   I love football, hence why I have a Nigerian football team that I co-own. We are working hard to create platforms and opportunities for these young boys in Africa who have such amazing talents but no support system or structure to help nurture their gift. We really want to help towards changing the narrative of Nigerian football and birthing an attitude of excellence around the sport and at the same time helping to positively impact these young boys lives.

Lucianne on IG: @iam_lucianne
Twitter:  @iam_lucianne
Facebook:  Iamluciannemusic

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