Social Media Reacts To Video That Seems To Show R. Kelly Singing To Fan From Prison

R Kelly singing to fan from prison

A video of convicted sex offender and singer-song writer, R Kelly singing to a fan from prison has emerged on the internet.  The video shows the excited fan talking to a voice that sounds like R. Kelly, before he seemingly reluctantly sings a few lines from his song to her after she starts singing the song herself.

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The Tiktok video from the account @jizzlezoldykk which made rounds on the internet earlier today with the title ‘when your dad goes to the same prison as R Kelly’ features an excited woman who asks a voice over the phone, which very much sounds like the singer’s voice to sing “Love Letter” to her. Just as the title of the video says, the woman’s father is apparently in prison with the famous singer.

A phone call with the saved contact name ‘Brooklyn Federal Prison (Tommy Perez) is seen on the screen. Brooklyn Federal Prison is where Kelly is being held.

The woman on the phone is named Jazzalyn and she actually posted the video a number of days ago. TheShadeRoom spoke with the woman and got more details on the situation.  They confirmed that Tommy is her father and that him and Kelly are “friendly” in prison

She has since gone on her Instagram story to debunk any claim of the singer doing it for commissary

R Kelly sings Love Letter clarified

Social media reacted to the viral video of R Kelly singing Love Letter to the fan from prison


‘Nah if this real they doing R Kelly dirty for some commissary,’ Dj Akademiks tweeted.

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