Fun Facts About Cameron Payne, Rising Star In The NBA For The Phoenix Suns

Cameron Payne

One of the facts about Cameron Payne is how he calls himself the haboob on social media. To show how much he loves this name, he went on to get a tattoo of it on his left leg. It is not the first time seeing this name; some phoenix Suns fans have been calling him that after he demonstrated speed and agility in many of his games.

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One of the highlights surrounding the hype of Payne was when he replaced Chris Paul, who was out with an injury during the playoff games against the Lakers. The Suns lost that initial game; however, his performance was massive, as he dropped 19 points and six assists.

His impressive performance did not end there, averaging 9.3PPG, 3.2APG, and 2.5 RPG in 22 games in the playoff; Cameron played a vital role in eliminating the lakers in the first round and aiding the phoenix sun’s first-ever NBA finals appearance.

Also, with 10.8 PPG, 3.0RPG, and 4.9APG this season, he has always been up to the task to do whatever was needed to get the phoenix sun’s the number one seed in the western conference.

Cameron Payne’s name is popular among the sun’s fans and is gradually taking a solid form in the hearts of the general NBA fans. Little wonder he has taken this moment in pride to express himself verbally on and off the court.

While the suns see his attitude as a show of confidence, other fans and stars like LeBron James feel otherwise.They see his recent actions as a show of arrogance, which needs taming through humility because of his past.

As one who was the fourteenth pick from the first round in the draft class of 2014, Cameron Payne’s past until 2021 has been full of struggles. The injuries and the poor performance have been so impactful that you almost forgot some facts about Cam. Fortunately, signing with the suns has gradually put him in the line light. Here are five neglected facts about Cameron Payne.

Five Facts About Cameron Payne Currently Ignored

He is Resilient


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Amidst all the drama surrounding him, one of the facts about Payne is his belief-never give up.
After the disappointing turnaround with the raptors in the preseason, it was clear that all he had were pieces of a shattered dream.

History has also proven that only two out of ten players in Cameron’s situation would have made it out. However, despite all the odds, the point guard didn’t relent from chasing his dream of being a regular player in an NBA team.

He made a rare move to China, where he could get a playing opportunity. And although Cameron didn’t get much playing time in China, he was still not giving up. In the fight to keep his dreams alive, he found himself in an NBA G League team, Texas legends. There Payne’s hope was kept alive until the life-changing decision of the suns signing him came.

Cameron still shows resilience in his new team, Phoenix sun, and they love him. His head coach, Monty Williams, stated, “To be a high draft pick and go through that experience and then be out of the league and then get back, you have to have a belief in yourself and a great support system. That’s one of the things we admire about him.”

He Never Jokes With Training


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The idea that Cam Payne never jokes with training is no surprise considering all that he has experienced. According to an interview with the media, he stated how he used to practice with CP3 hours before the team’s training. He also mentioned how important his time with Cp3 has helped his confidence and leadership skills.

Payne is a Supportive Teammate

As gentle as he appears Cameron, he will always be your hype man and advocate when necessary. As for how far he could go for the advocacy of his team, he can go any length while dreading no one. He has openly challenged the claims of LeBron, AD, about the legitimacy of the phoenix suns’ recent supremacy over the Lakers. It will not be the end of his advocacy for his teammates.

Recently, he has taken to social media to question the objectivity of the MVP award criteria because of the exclusion of his teammate, Devon booker. Every team in the NBA can afford to have him.

A Great Dancer


Before the prevalence of the unfortunate events in the career of Cameron Payne, he was more popular for his dance moves than his basketball skills.

He and his former partner, Russell Westbrook were the show to watch before most matches in OKC. They will go down as the most illustrious pregame dance duo in NBA history. Cameron Payne might not always dance as before, but very few players had better moves than him when he does.

Murray State University Legend


Murray State University has produced a few NBA players in the 90s. However, unlike Duke, Kentucky, Murray State had not been fortunate to graduate many players to the league over the last 21 years.

It will interest you that Cameron Payne is among only three players drafted from the college, and he was a first-round pick. The other two include Ja Morant and Isaiah Cannan.

Cameron also maintained his loyalty to the University by proudly displaying his status as an alumnus on his social media accounts and supporting them in all competitions.

He was inducted into the school’s Hall of Fame in 2020.

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