The Game Once Again Calls Out Eminem In Another Attempt At Beef

The Game has one again called out Eminem for a battle. The Compton bred rapper sat down with Katty Customs & Just Blaze on UPROARXX’s show Fresh Pair, where he challenged Eminem to “step up to the plate”. It follows Game’s manager Wack100 who confirmed last week he has a diss track aimed at Em titled, “The Black Slim Shady”.  The Game called out Eminem weeks ago, but he continues to threaten a song, all while asking for smoke.

The Game told the show “I don’t care if you got more plaques, and I don’t care if people think you’re great. I’m better.” Just Blaze asked him Why Em?, what’s the origin?” in which Game replied. “Because 50 can’t rap, so I gotta go a level up and challenge the better rapper. Get up and let’s rap. All I wanna do is rap. You did it with MGK, Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon. Why not do it with me?”

It seems like a strange one to be honest, I can see what Game is trying to do. Mention one of the biggest selling and famous rappers in the genre and you will get press, wherever it be from media outlets or Hip Hop fans, People will take note. He’s got an album coming out soon so it makes sense to make noise and have people talking about you.

Eminem has not replied to anything that Game has said over the last few weeks and I don’t expect him to either. To quote The Ringer from Eminem album Kamikaze. “you mention me, millions of views, attention in news. I mention you lose lose for me, win win for you.”

That statement couldn’t be any truer. Is this just a publicity stunt by Game and his team? or will see this diss track? The saga continues.

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