Maino Likes to Roleplay as a Runaway Slave… with White Women

Maino Likes to Roleplay as a Runaway Slave

Maino likes to roleplay as a runaway slave in the bedroom, and Twitter has a lot of questions about it.

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During a sit-down with Angela Yee’s Lip Service, in the show’s true fashion, sex became a topic of discussion, and Maino opened up about his level of freakism.

However, we don’t even think the hosts were prepared for what the rapper had to say.

“I did like roleplay before,” Maino shared. “I did roleplay. But I like [to] roleplay with white women.”

Taken aback by his response, the ladies further dug to see what type of character he portrayed in the intimate act, and he revealed, “It’s so wrong. I’ma tell you right now, I’ve never talked about this.”

He then continued with, “I like to be like a runaway slave. I like to play like a runaway slave. I like to play like a disobedient slave with a white woman.”

After unveiling his fantasy that he likes to live out in the bedroom, Maino laughed about it, but of course… Twitter isn’t laughing. In fact, they’re appalled.

See official clip below:

Watch full interview here: 

Maino likes to roleplay as a runaway slave, and here are some of social media’s opinions about it…

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