Musicians Take Advantage of Doing Promo on Soundcloud

Promo on Soundcloud

There were times when music promotion had been much more complicated than today. Every successful band might have a manager who has to solve all the band’s problems and aims. It took much time to spend on phone calls, booking, promotion, band’s label promotion, organizing concert tours, and presenting at recording studios. Many excellent and professional bands performed excellently, but couldn’t promote and release their music, just because they could not find enough time for this or a good manager. From 1970 to 1990 it was impossible to promote your music through the internet. The band manager had to send single recordings to different labels to get support and issue contracts for a certain period.

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Nowadays, many things concerning your music promotion have become more accessible. Now that it seems easier to share your music globally, it is too hard for a band to be seen or noticed.

Soundcloud is a place that provides you access to millions of bands, artists and songs produced all over the world. In addition, many headhunters use Soundcloud to find new talents in the music industry.

Anyway, too many musicians make wrong actions creating and using their SoundCloud profile.

There are some ways you should do and ways you should not!

Don’t ever upload and publish all the stuff you have ever recorded or produced. (demo song, unfinished creations, low-quality sound material, rehearsal recordings, performances, etc.). You really should avoid doing such things if you want to be signed.

You should remove such music as soon as possible.

Make your SoundCloud page almost the best.

Your page must look like diamonds in the jewelry shop. Show and share only your best, finished creations. The band manager sent tapes that included just the three best songs of an artist or a band. Nowadays, it is possible to upload whole albums and more songs, but it is necessary to be more selective.

Delete all unmastered and unedited songs. Don’t upload live performances that were mixed non professionally. Make sure that every track is perfect.

It is necessary to get as many plays as possible to make your tracks popular. So, you should attract more other SoundCloud users to reach the best results in plays because SoundCloud rewards this kind of interaction. You got to collaborate with them and play their uploaded music. So, put more likes to their music and get more likes in return. So, try to make more new friends. Communicate with your subscribers. Believe that talking about music is the best topic for negotiations on the SoundCloud sound platform.

It is useful to ask your friends and relatives to playback songs from your SoundCloud page. Ask them to post likes.

Create personal SoundCloud accounts to those friends or relatives who don’t have it yet and get their additional support. Ask them to repost, to make plays, and put likes.

Another thing you may try to get more plays for your SoundCloud account is to spend money and buy them. It can be easily done by searching for companies that provide such a service. You may spend 5-10 dollars to get a thousand other plays.

Of course, you should create a perfect image of your account.

You may do it yourself or hire specialists. Don’t be afraid to spend money on making an image. The image reflects your success.

Post your biography. It shouldn’t seem boring. Provide good material to read for your profile visitors.

Finally, you should create an individual logo and use it everywhere. You may do it yourself or pay the masters of design.

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