T.I. Addresses Getting Booed On Stage At The Barclays Center

TI addresses getting booed

American actor and rapper Clifford Joseph Harris Jr, popularly known as T.I. addresses getting booed on stage. The rapper who has recently taken a sudden interest in standup comedy in his recent appearance on April 9 at the Barclays Center stage did not perform a song as one would think; but did comedy.

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Rip Micheals who does an April fool comedy show every year had said on “The Breakfast Club” that a lot of comedians were going to be there, including T.I. Contrary to what might have been expected, the crowd didn’t seem to enjoy his performance as various clips have been posted of fans booing the rapper.

“You’re a very sick individual if you’d pay to see a T.I standup comedy.” A Twitter user said.

The rapper, T.I jumped on a Livestream with comedian Michael Blackson after the show where he jested and addresses getting booed on stage.

“Did you enjoy that feeling of being booed? It felt good? It felt good?” Blackson asked.
“Uhm yes, I loved it, I didn’t feel like they were booing me.” T.I replied. According to him, it felt like he was being dared to do better, be ’more funny,’ and overcome the boos. The rapper went on to say he isn’t seeking anyone’s validation or approval.

Lots of reactions have emerged following the different ‘booing’ videos making rounds on the internet. A seemingly curious twitter user commented, “Is he hurting for money or something ? Or just trying different ideas to see what sticks ? He all over the place.”

Another user who seem to support the rapper twitted, “Nigga who cares, the man wants to pursue comedy… That means he’s gonna get booed. He’s still gotta master the craft.”

“Comedy is a hard job! I used to get the bubble guts before every show when I did it. So much respect for their craft cuz it ain’t easy,” Actress Tami Roman commented under theshaderoom’s post.

Not so long ago in a clip that was shared all over the internet, T.I spoke on his recent outburst and back & forth with comedian Lauren Knight.

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