Blac Chyna Under Investigation for Battery, Allegedly Kicked Woman In The Stomach

Blac Chyna under investigation for battery, allegedly kicked woman in the stomach. TMZ reports that Blac Chyna is a suspect in a battery report filed on Friday, May 6th.

The alleged victim, Sequoya King, said she and Blac Chyna got into a verbal altercation, which then turned physical. King said that she and her friends were at a bar early Friday morning in Los Angeles. Blac Chyna was also at the bar and was upset because she believed people were recorded by people at the bar.

Blac Chyna allegedly approached King, accusing King of recording her. Both women got into an argument because King denied it. Blac Chyna then snatched King’s phone out of her hand and slammed it to the ground, causing damage. She also charged at King and allegedly kicked her in the stomach. King said Blac Chyna’s friends pulled her away from the situation and got her into a car.

Sequoya King has posted about Blac Chyna being under investigation for battery. She gave additional details, including pointing out that somebody’s auntie pulled out a gun.


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Today, on May 7th, a video has surfaced of Blac Chyna and the woman arguing about the incident. King asks Chyna, ” “Did you feel good when you kicked me in my fat-ass stomach?” It sounded like Blac Chyna denied doing it. LAPD is still investigating the case.

Blac Chyna being under investigation for battery is right after the public loss of a $100M defamation case against The Kardashian-Jenners. Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Kylie Jenner and Khloé Kardashian owe no damages to Blac Chyna for her $100 million defamation and contract interference lawsuit.

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