Joe Budden and Isaiah Rashad Interview on Sexual Fluidity Goes Viral

Joe Budden and Isaiah Rashad’s interview on sexual fluidity has the Internet going crazy. Joe Budden’s interview is the first time Isaiah Rashad is back in the spotlight after he was outed by a leaked sex tape. Obviously, Joe Budden asked about Isaiah Rashad’s sexuality and Rashad’s responded that he was sexually fluid.


What is sexual fluidity?

According to Healthline, “sexual fluidity, in short, means your sexual orientation isn’t permanently fixed. Yes, everyone has an underlying orientation — asexualpansexual, or heterosexual, for example. It can help to think of orientation as a spectrum that includes people of all genders. Sexually fluid people tend to experience attractions at different points along the spectrum as they go through life.”

Social Media Reactions 

Joe Budden’s interview with Isaiah Rashad on sexual fluidity is a hot-button topic. People believe Joe Budden wasn’t qualified to do the interview. There were other comments about Joe Budden and Isaiah Rashad’s interview including the relevance of sexual fluidity and why people need to put more respect on Joe Budden’s name.












What do y’all think about Joe Budden’s interview with Isaiah Rashad? What are your thoughts on sexual fluidity?

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