Top 5 Movies About The Dangers Of Social Media To Watch With Your Kids

Movies About The Dangers Of Social Media

There are many dangers of social media and those dangers are on the increase. Problems such as cyberbullying, leak of personal information, online predators, and encouragement to break the law. Kids are in immediate danger and are not always able to discern when they are in danger. It is easy for them to click on a link that can phish for personal information and even hack their account. If even adults get caught out by these tactics, imagine how much easier it is for your child to fall victim to them. With this much danger at your child’s fingertips, it’s hard to keep them safe. One method you could use is to use apps to view their messages so that you can jump in if you sense that they are in danger of any sort. You can also use these top Instagram spying tools if you suspect something’s going on on your child’s profile. Make sure your child is safe and aware of these dangers. The following is a list of movies about the dangers of social media that can raise awareness for your children.

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Movies About The Dangers Of Social Media

  1. Megan Is Missing (2011)

Megan is missing is a found footage film that follows the lives of two teenage girls who upload their daily lives to the internet. Megan meets up with a stranger who goes by Josh and goes missing. Her friend, Amy (Amber Perkins), goes looking for her leaving behind a trail of footage. This film contains sexual misconduct, gore and violence, and drug abuse with very frightening scenes. This movie shows how meeting up with strangers can take a turn for the worst and in Megan’s case, result in rape and murder. It shows how easily one can be tricked by a friendly stranger. It also points out how everything has become digitized and can essentially be accessed by anyone. It is a horror movie and will discourage anyone who watches it from meeting strangers.


  1. Trust (2010)

Trust is about a teenage girl, Annie Cameron (Liana Liberato), who meets a man named Charlie (Tristan Peach). Charlie lies about his age several times over before meeting Annie, making her wear underwear that he bought her and raping her. The entire time, Charlie has hidden cameras recording her. Charlie later releases the pictures and video with Annie’s address, encouraging others to assault her. Annie tries to commit suicide by being stopped by her father. This film is rated R and contains sexual misconduct and suicide. The film shows just how dangerous strangers can be and how much strain this puts on the whole family. It also displays a loving family who looks out for their daughter in her time of need. This movie will make chatting with strangers a lot less appealing.


  1. Disconnect (2012)

Disconnection is a film that not only shows how teens can be catfished and have their data leaked but also how even adults can have their information hacked. It even gives incite on how some teenagers make money from selling sexual content. This film follows three different stories: a story of two boys who drive another boy to suicide by leaking his nude picture, a story of a woman and her husband who have their bank account hacked by linking a strange link, and a story of a reporter who uses a sex worker to get a good news story. This movie is R-rated and contains graphic nudity, sexual conduct, profanity, suicide, and drug use. All three stories give insight into just how dangerous meeting with and sexting strangers can be, along with the destructive outcomes. It shines a light on how easily just one click can ruin your life.


  1. Hard Candy (2005)

Hard Candy depicts a girl, Hailey (Ellen Page) who willingly meets with an older man (Patrick Wilson). She encourages her to take her to his place where she entices him further making him drop his guard. She gets him drunk and ties him up, making him confess to being a pedophile. While she’s forcing him to confess she lists all the things he has done to girls like her in the past, making note of how it was easy for him to meet with them online and take advantage of them. This movie is R rated for violence, sexual conduct, and profanity. It takes a look at just how easy it is for children to be abused sexually and murdered just because they met someone on the internet.


  1. The Social Network (2010)

The Social Network is the story of how Mark Zuckerburg (Jesse Eisenburg) created Facebook as well as an application called Facemash. This movie shows how Facebook and other social media can put a strain on a relationship. It is rated PG 13 and has profanity and sexual themes. It depicts how social networks are made as well as how toxic they can be since a lot of information is displayed on them.


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