Meet Mz. Lady P – A Black Author You Should Know

Meet Mz Lady P A Black Female Author You Should Know

Mz. Lady P is a 32-year-old Black female author who was born and raised in Chicago, IL and is the mother of two boys. She is a National Best-Selling Author signed to Shan Presents and has many titles under her belt. Mz. Lady P. is a Black female author you should know and has become a fan favorite rapidly for her gritty urban romance novels.

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Mz. Lady P has many series that she has written. She is best known for her long-running book saga Thug Passion. Her books can be purchased on Amazon and In 2017, she was awarded the AAMBC “Reader’s Choice Award”.

Mz. Lady P’s books take love to the streets with series that include pain and passion. All of her books are complete page turners having audiences looking for her next edition to any saga.

Take a look at some of our favorite Mz. Lady P books below!


Tahari Monroe is in a loveless, sexless, and abusive relationship with her boyfriend Nico of four years. The love they once shared has been replaced with his love for another woman and the feeling of his fists.

Tahari sees no way out, that is until she meets Ka’Jaire “Thug” Kenneth. He is every woman’s dream come true and every nigga’s worst nightmare. The relationship between them develops instantaneously. Tahari has fallen victim to Thug’s Passion but can she handle the pitfalls of being the ride or die chick he needs by his side.

Past loves and enemies with a vengeance and murder in mind threaten to tear down what they have built. Follow Tahari and Thug on a rollercoaster ride as they fight to save their lives, freedom, and their relationship


Bella was born into wealth and raised by strict parents. She is green to the hood life. On the other hand Jayceon was born in the hood and raised by parents who robbed banks for a living. His father taught him the game and now he runs it.

To the streets he’s Blocka; leader of the infamous Ski Mask Mafia. A group of professional bandits that includes his friends Tristan, Dominic , Rashad, and his baby momma Fatima.

Regardless of his street life, he loves Bella with all his heart. He’s just too ashamed to tell her who he really is so he keeps that part of his life separate from the life he shares with Bella.

Slowly but surely everything that’s done in the dark comes to the light. A series of events will rock Bella’s very existence and have her questioning everything about the life she lives with Jayceon.

Follow the couple as they embark on a journey of love, lies, and deceit. Witness Bella becomes a prisoner of Jayceon’s love. As she tries to figure out why Love Was The Case That They Gave Me!!!


Now that Ka’Jaire “Thug” Kenneth is Boss of Thug Inc. Formerly the Santerelli Crime Family. He has handed his street operation over to his young protege King Carter.

Standing on the battle lines besides King is his younger brother Nasir and their childhood friend Dutch. The three young rich nigga’s are making their mark on the streets of Chicago. Just like their predecessors, it’s either get down or lay down.

Gucci, Chanel, and Dior are madly in love with King, Nasir, and Dutch. Love is supposed to conquer all. That is until secrets are revealed and family ties are closer to the couples than they think. With more money comes more problems and of course thirsty females enter the equation.

In this chapter of the Thug saga follow the new breed of goons as they deal with the harsh realities of street life and making names for themselves. They’re just young nigga’s living their lives in Thug Paradise!

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