Best Celebrity Hairstyles During The 2022 Awards Season

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Hair and its styling require efficiency and dedication to generate a new look. A person hires a hairstylist to do this job professionally- from tucking your hair back in a bun to making beach waves. Celebrities make considerable efforts to pull off their look in a presentable way. Whether Cannes or Grammys awards, celebrities never fail to highlight themselves. Hairstyling gets special attention and domination from the audience. That’s why celebrities put in extra effort to make their hairstyling more appealing and presentable.

Hairstyling varies from person to person. Experts make hairstyles while considering celebrities’ features, personalities, and new trends. Each year leading award shows present the list of best celebrity hairstyles in the 2022 awards. The best hair looks from 2022 should be a unique style statement. All the celebrities try to bring their A-game by showcasing the best hairstyling. However, only a few bags the award of best hairstyle in 2022. Here is a list that will show the best hairstyling by celebrities.

Celebrities who receive the best hairstyle award

Hairstyling requires innovation, creativity, and expertise. Professionals use superior quality hair products to give a better look, including high-quality flat irons, blowdryers, SPF hairsprays, and the best sensitive scalp shampoo. Let’s dig into top hairstyles by renowned celebrities.

  • Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga pulls off a unique look. It was the first time that a celebrity and her hairstylist had been nominated for an award show. She organizes her icy blonde hair into the beachy wave. Her effortless look with her blonde hairstyling elevates her hair game. 

These cascade waves complement her bold cat-eye look to create a more polished appearance.

  • Juno Temple

She created a glamorous fishtail braid that looks epic with her whole attire. Her blonde hair just fits perfectly with this hairstyle and complements her look. The perfect braid gives an effortless and dreamy look that makes her stand out.

  • Demi Singleton

The stylist partitioned her hair into two compartments and created thigh-grazing braids on both sides. The glitz and glamor of her dress perfectly address her sleek hair look.  Her costumes and hairstyle were awe to her admirers. 

She indeed had set the red carpet on fire. 

  • Reese Witherspoon

She kept her classical yet fresh look. That made her look drop jaw gorgeous and stunning as a whole. Her stylist winded her golden hair into effortless curls. These curls are then adjusted using the wrist and fingers. She has a glass hair finish that suits her entire appearance. Her curls looked equally pretty as her dress. 

  • Jessica Chastain

She carried tumbling red waves that reflected a retro look. Her stylist first used a hairdryer and then curled the hair to give a sleek and sophisticated appearance. 

Her tucked hair behind her ear gave a more dramatic look. She knows how to pull off every look. She looked adorable in the cascading waves. 

  • Vanessa Hudgens

She created a sleek bob that took appraisals from the critics as well. It was a safe play by her side that made her look presentable. However, that look indeed had a faux bob that had been creatively attached by clipping her hair behind. Everyone wondered how she had that look appear natural and pure. The stylist sealed her original hair with a clip and then adjusted the extension; that merely looked unreal. In the end, the setting spray did wonder by keeping the hair intact throughout the evening. 

  • Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa had always looked breath-taking and mesmerizing. This year she had continued to look more beautiful than ever before. Her stylist made a sleek look with a center partition. Her blond hair complements the maroon shade that she wore on her lips. Dua Lipa effortlessly pulled off an elegant icy-blonde look. 

  • Paris Hilton

She had coaxed the people around with her contemporary look. Her stylist made a blonde ponytail that reflected a barbie hairdo with a side-curled flip. The overall appearance made her enchanting and delicate. Her ponytail looked as perfect as her pearl immersed dress itself. 

  • Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber enchanted the audience with her dreamy look. She carried a minimal look yet looked mesmerizing. Her brunette hair assembled in a braid with flowing tendrils gave a fragile and delicate look. The stylist gave her the finest hairstyle that complemented her plain silk column gown. She looked presentable and sophisticated.

  • H.E.R

She wore a vibrant dress with an orange-tinted shade. To complement the look, she decided to open her thick long hair. The stylist made thick, voluminous waves that uplifted her overall appearance. She looked ravishing and charming.


The hairstyle can make and break your look. Some people carried minimal looks so well that they gripped the attention of others. Each year critics and leading websites published their analyses in the form of the best celebrity hairstyle. That’s why celebrities choose the best hairstylists to give them the most pleasing look. Hairstyling is an art, and not everyone is an expert in this. Therefore, celebrities toke considerable effort into pulling off their look in an impressive way. 

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