Mo’Nique Calls D.L. Hughley Out at Comedy Show: “That’s a B*tch N*gga”

Mo’Nique calls D.L. Hughley out?! She surely did. And people are asking the biggest question of all… why?

Well, apparently, it has everything to do with a contractual agreement that the two comedic giants are now disagreeing over.

If you didn’t know, from what we can see, on Saturday night, Mo’Nique and D.L. Hughley were both in attendance to “headline” 105.9 KISS-FM’s The Comedy Explosion in Detroit, Michigan. While most guests paid top dollar to come and laugh, Auntie Mo had something else up her sleeve when it came to her set.

The Phat Girlz icon took the stage and fired off some not-so-nice words to her peer, D.L., and in doing so, it was caught on camera by an audience member.

“What kind of real ngga would ever attack a goddamn Black woman?” she yelled into the microphone to the crowd. “A b*tch nigga! I feel sorry for D.L. Hughley’s family.”

The clip was sent to The Shade Room, and of course, it only went up from there.

Mo’Nique Calls D.L. Hughley Out at Comedy Show


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A lot of the details surrounding the matter were sort of vague… at first. However, from the looks of it, there was conflict regarding Mo’Nique’s position in the concert’s lineup and some unsettled business in the arrangement.

The 54-year-old seemingly came with the intention of being the star of the show, but things took a turn when she realized that D.L. Hughley was in place to be the last one on the stage to perform for the night.

In a nutshell, she basically indicated that he’d stepped on her toes and tried to steal the spotlight… for himself. At least, that’s what we’re getting from it.

“I’m thirty plus years in this mtherfcking business, and I don’t open for no-godd*mn-body,” the award-winning actress and comedienne said.

The Jasmine Brand shared an extended version of what Mo’Nique had to get off of her chest.


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Following the video(s) surfacing throughout the internet, D.L. publicly responded to Mo’Nique’s insults, and this is what he had to say:

Mo'Nique Calls D.L. Hughley Out

He even posted some “receipts” to his Instagram story.

Mo'Nique Calls D.L. Hughley Out

Mo'Nique Calls D.L. Hughley Out

Without a doubt, Auntie Mo came back guns blazing in his comment section!

Hours later, D.L. revealed his contract, and Mo’Nique followed suit. More shots were tossed back and forth, too.

Mo'Nique Calls D.L. Hughley Out

Mo’Nique showed emails as well.

Mo'Nique Calls D.L. Hughley Out

Mo'Nique Calls D.L. Hughley Out

D.L. fired back, debunking Mo’Nique’s claims even further.

Mo'Nique Calls D.L. Hughley Out

Following the heated exchange, people over in the Twitter streets had to give their take on it as well.

Mo’Nique Calls D.L. Hughley Out, and Social Media Reacts…


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