Kevin Gates and Jojo Zarur Dating; The Rapper Seemingly Confirmed It

Kevin Gates and Jojo Zarur dating?! Well, that’s definitely what it’s looking like.

The Louisiana-born rapper just released his remix to Kodak Black’s “Super Gremlin,” titled “Super General.”

In the well-over three-minute video, Gates got some things off of his chest. And… in doing so, he (somewhat) indicated a split from his “ex-wife,” Dreka Gates, as well as introduced his alleged new love interest, former Love & Hip Hop: Miami cast member Jojo Zarur.

The music flick shows Zarur pulling up to studio with Gates and even a brief look at The Shade Room’s post about their suspected relationship.

We posted a few clues that we recently picked up on…


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Dating rumors have been swirling around the pair for a couple of days now. The speculation began after clips of Gates and Zarur hanging out and having dinner surfaced online.


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Subsequently, Zarur has been throwing subtle hints of a romantic connection with the celebrated lyricist on her Instagram story. See slides above.

The people of the innanets have also been deciphering Gates’ candid lyrics in the “Super General” freestyle, coming up with the conclusion that Gates’ previous relationship ended due to infidelity on his wife’s part.

From Genius’ song lyric page:

Took the blame in interviews and made it look like I was trippin’
Made the “Dreka” song, lied to the world while tryna protect her image
Tell me you love me, I say it back, back in my mind, I’m indifferent
Brought this infiltrator to the farm, hurt my heart, what am I missin’?
You a man, step out the bedroom, see that standin’ in yo’ kitchen
Takin’ vids of all yo’ cars and lettin’ it go to postin’ pictures
Told ’em that I don’t wanna interfere with her fitness, bitch, I’m different

Of course, as of yet, no one has officially co-signed the assumptions.

This is what Twitter had to say about Gates and his (possible) girl…

Kevin Gates and Jojo Zarur Dating; The Rapper Seemingly Confirmed It


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