Brat Loves Judy, But Will Lisa Raye Ever Love Her Too?

The now hit reality tv series from WeTV, Brat Loves Judy, aired a new episode last night that featured the “it” couple preparing for their wedding day. The episode included both ladies picking up their wedding dresses, choosing how they will be presented on their wedding day, and their rehearsal dinner. But no one is talking about any of that! Once again, the hot topic when it comes to Da Brat and Jessica Dupart’s love is why Lisa Raye McCoy, Da Brat’s sister has been unapologetically rude to the couple.

When Shawntee Harris-Dupart, better known for her hip-hop name, Da Brat, and her partner Jessica Harris-Dupart announced they were a couple, the news was overshadowed by Da Brat’s sister, Lisa Raye, expressing her disappointment in finding out like the rest of us, on social media. The talk show co-host was asked about her sister’s relationship on the FOX Soul talk show, Cocktails with Queens back in 2020 when Da Brat surprised her for her birthday.



During the first season of Brat Loves Judy, Lisa Raye was invited to the couple’s engagement party by none other than Judy. She expressed to Da Brat several times throughout the season that she wanted the sisters to be back on good terms, so she made arrangements to make sure Lisa Raye would be at the party to surprise Da Brat. 

Da Brat seemed to be hesitant, like any little sister would be, but eventually the sisters talked over brunch and patched things up, so it seemed. Before season two of Brat Loves Judy began, the couple decided to do a marketing scheme by announcing on Instagram that they were expecting. According to the couple, they did not expect the kind of attention the post received, especially not another social media posting of Lisa Raye expressing how she had not received the news yet again from her sister.



This must have been the last straw for Jessica! On last night’s episode, while she and Da Brat were on their way to the wedding venue, Judy let Da Brat know she was going to have a talk with her sister, and she did! Judy told Da Brat that she needs to let her sister know how much it hurts her when she talks to the media about their personal relationship. Judy was not getting the results from Lisa Raye that she wanted. She told Lisa Raye that if the shoe was on the other foot, Da Brat would NEVER treat her the same way.

Lisa Raye pretty much expressed that she did not care, and she felt like Da Brat is a grown woman who should be able to tell her how she feels herself. So, Da Brat tried…



The clip ends before we get to see Lisa Raye express to Da Brat that she is going to “match energy”. She lets her know that she does not like Judy and does not think they will ever get along. Da Brat asked her to please try, because she wants them both in her life and happy to be there. Lisa Raye pretty much said, we will see!

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