Idris Elba And Wife Unveil S’Able Skincare Brand

American actor Idris Elba and his wife, Sabrina, have broadened the horizon of their wellness empire ‘S’Able Labs‘. The duo have introduced their genderless S’Able Skincare Brand.

Idris and Sabrina Elba skincare range of products includes: a cleanser, toner and moisturiser.

The couple’s leap into skin care, using ingredients gotten from East Africa and  ties into their existing work. They aim to  create a wellbeing hub and address concerns from hyperpigmentation to inflammation.

The product features include:
  • A Qasil Cleanser (£28),
  • A Black Seed Toner (£35)
  • Baobab Moisturiser (£50) .

The cleanser’s includes qasil, a Somalian beauty staple from the gob tree. Qasil’s inclusion stems from its use in protecting and repairing skin exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Black seed oil, contains vitamin A, amino acids and essential fatty acids.

Bakuchiol is blended with the  Baobab moisturiser. It is a natural and gentle alternative to retinol. It is an addition to baobab, which has anti-inflammatory properties.

Post-consumer materials and refill options, also made from recyclable materials,  are used for product packaging.  S’Able will launch for the Black Seed Toner and Baobab moisturiser in September this year.


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Sabrina Elba said she and her husband decided to start their skincare line as they felt disconnected from society.

“Sable is actually ‘Elbas’ backwards,” Sabrina says, “Idris is sweet – he thinks of all these things.” The couple’s aim is to make what in the past has been a predominantly white, cisgendered space, more available to people of all ethnicities, genders and backgrounds.

“We realised quickly that there was no one doing it in the wellness space that looked like, spoke like or felt like us – there was no representation for people of colour who wanted to be into wellness and fit in,” she says. “Plus everything was gender-focused – I’d have conversations with my husband on products he didn’t think he could use [due to them being aimed at women], but could.”

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