[LISTEN] Killer Mike’s New Single “RUN” featuring Dave Chappelle and Young Thug, Produced By No ID

Hip-hop artist, actor, and extremely influential activist, Killer Mike, is back with new music. On yesterday, July 03, 2022, the Culture leader announced through an Instagram post that he would be dropping his new single on July 04, 2022, entitled “RUN”, featuring legendary comedian Dave Chappelle, hip-hop artist Young Thug of YSL, and the track is produced by legendary producer No ID. 

The announcement was preceded by the post below with the caption, “The race to freedom was NEVER won”. In the post Michael Santiago Render, or Killer Mike, is wearing a jacket with his arms open wide, his eyes closed, and an American flag over his left shoulder. The flag changes in the reel from the modern-day American flag to an American flag with 7 stars, which represents the First Seven States to Succeed the Union.


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Thirteen-star parade flags were commonly waved at centennial celebrations in 1876, which were held across the country and, most notably, in Philadelphia at the Centennial International Exhibition.  Seven-star flags were similar, but instead made with southern sympathies to commemorate the first wave of states that seceded from the Union, beginning in 1861. 

The first wave included Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Texas.  A second wave included Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia, and it completed the final grouping of the Confederate States of America.  Not only did Southerners wave seven-star parade flags, they also occasionally waved eight-star and nine-star versions, though with much less frequency.  They, too, celebrated the initial wave of states seceding from the union.

The announcement post begins with a man running through a large open field that turns into a battlefield scene, as comedian Dave Chappelle performs the voiceover. He says to Killer Mike, “Mike, one thing about being a nigga in America, ain’t no time to be scared…”. There is also a quick glimpse through smoke, of a man with a tethered shirt around his bicep with the writing “FREE YSL” on it. Hip-hop artist Young Thug of YSL is still currently behind bars in Fulton County Georgia on R.I.C.O. charges. Young Thug and Killer Mike are both from the state of Georgia.


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Here is the cover art for the single that will be here at midnight!


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Listen to “RUN” by Killer Mike Featuring Dave Chappelle, Young Thug and Produced by No ID: 



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