LeToya Luckett Joins KUSHAE For Launch of Women’s Deodorant Stick For “Down There”

As science has evolved over the years, it has come to light that many foods, products, and habits we have grown up using, practicing, and loving can be harmful to our environment and bodies. This revelation has caused many to turn to alternatives such as natural and organic products. These products have changed the day-to-day routine of those who use them and have also started to change lives. One of these products is the new and innovative item for women’s “down there care,” the ‘Natural Feminine Deodorant Stick’ by Kushae (pronounced koo-SHAY.) It is the first OB/GYN-created, plant-based feminine care system, and this new product released Thursday, July 14.

Kushae, a Black-owned and women-led business, is the first to produce a ‘roll-on’ hygiene item for women. Their mission is to help deconstruct the stereotypes and stigmas women face when speaking about feminine health. While also attempting to create spaces for open dialogue where women can discuss and learn about their bodies. They are also the first feminine health and hygiene company to launch a significant global celebrity campaign explicitly focused on helping women become “bold, unapologetic, and fearless about making their feminine health a priority.” The brand uses high-quality natural, plant-based ingredients in every formula to create highly effective and distinct products. Their business also manufactures their products in the USA.

The brand is endorsed by LeToya Luckett, a former Destiny’s Child member and current celebrity mom. When speaking about the company, she stated, “I am excited to work with Kushae. As the proud mom of two beautiful children, I understand how the different phases of life can change a woman’s body,” says Luckett. “I support Kushae’s simple, science-backed natural products and welcome the opportunity to spread positive information to educate women about the importance of their feminine health and wellness.”
Besides creating new and innovative products, Kushae is also making changes to the health industry by making history with the CEO and founder recently raising $1.25M through venture capital/angel investors. This makes her one of the first 100 Black women to do so. The company is led by co-founder Dr. Barbara McLaren, a Board-Certified OB/GYN which can allow women to trust that there in good hands when using Kushae’s products.

Will you be trying this new product?

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