Singer Macy Gray Trending Over Transgender Remarks Made In Interview With Piers Morgan On Monday

Singer Macy Gray is no stranger to controversial headlines, and they have never caused her to back down from her standpoint, and we assume this headline will be no different. On Independence Day, Monday July 04, 2022, Macy Gray did and interview with Piers Morgan on his TalkTV program. During the interview Macy makes the statement “…as a woman, just because you go changing parts, doesn’t make you a woman.” Today, Macy Gray is trending on Twitter. Some on Twitter are thanking her for supporting women’s rights, while others are calling her transphobic. 


The singer clarified that she backs transgender rights — but drew the line at athletic competitions.

“If you want me to call you a ‘her,’ I will,” she said. “Because that’s what you want but that doesn’t make you a woman just because I call you a ‘her’ and just because you got a surgery.”

“I don’t think you should be called transphobic just because you don’t agree…,” she said. “There is a lot of judgement and throwing stones at people for just saying what it is. Do you know what I mean?”

Being female, Gray said, required more than medical procedures.

“A woman goes through a completely unique experience and surgery and finding oneself doesn’t change that,” she said. “Being a little girl is a whole epic book, you know? You can’t have that just because you want to be a woman.”

Twitter reactions: 



We here at Parle Magazine know that this is a very sensitive topic and only look to inform you as our audience on events that are occurring in the urban entertainment industry. Macy Gray is entitled to her own opinion and allowed to share that opinion on any platform that permits it. This article is not written to support or shame the transgender community or singer Macy Gray. Let us know how you feel about Macy Gray’s interview with Piers Morgan in the comments!


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