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Ashley Te’Arra is what one could call a jack of all trades. Not only is she a content creator and creative entrepreneur but she is also a rising star author with several published books to date.

Born and raised in Anniston, Alabama, she is wordsmith with stories that will transport you to an entirely new world. Te’Arra’s books are a must-read. 

Check out some of our favorite Ashley Te’Arra books down below!


If These Pews Could Talk

If These Pews Could Talk book cover


Every saint was once a sinner, but maybe a little sin still lives in us all.

Easter Young is a devoted housewife, loving mother, and first lady who’s tired of coming second and finally ready to put herself first. Having fallen in the shadows of her prominent, preaching husband, Pastor Bryce Young, for the past sixteen years, Easter becomes jaded, striving to find her light after dimming it for so long.

She’s desperate for a life outside of the church, and even more desperate to get away from the one man she thought she’d love forever… Bryce. Fast cars, fancy clothing—none of it is enough to make her stay. She’s taken all that she could take. The secrets, the lies, and the betrayal.

Already pushed to the edge, Easter reaches her breaking point when she receives a groundbreaking revelation about Bryce that not only shakes up her marriage but stuns the whole community.

As time goes on, more problems arise and shocking matters are brought to the forefront. Although Bryce’s closet may be full of skeletons, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Easter’s is clean.

These pews just keep on talking, and it’s safe to say, they aren’t shutting up any time soon.

If These Pews Could Talk 2

If These Pews Could Talk 2 book cover


The pews haven’t shut up yet, and the choir continues to sing.

After Bryce’s dark secrets begin to come to light, he embarks on a journey of damage control. Nothing or no one is safe, not even him, and certainly not his beloved church, Heavenly Hope. But that still doesn’t stop him from running for cover. When it comes to his money and his manor, he’ll do anything to protect it. Even if that means having to neglect the ones he supposedly loves the most.

His wife, Easter, on the other hand, is dealing with the debris from his damages, and this time, she refuses to be the one responsible for cleaning it up. Instead, she does what she knows how to do best: survive—with or without Bryce.

In that aspect, Harlem Jones, who’s part of one of the city’s most lethal drug rings, are alike. Survival has been Harlem’s way of life since the death of his mother, which Easter’s husband, Bryce, is the reason for.

Finding out that Anniston’s admired pastor was accountable for his angel’s murder sent him over the edge. Now, it’s all about revenge. Will he get it before it’s too late?

The clock is ticking.

Side Chicks Catch Feelings Too
Side Chicks Catch Feelings Too


Every game of love doesn’t have a winner. Who will lose? 

For years, Camisha Atkins has been a team player for the one man she refuses to give up on—even if there’s already someone else rooting for him on the sidelines. Willing to put up a fight, no matter the size of the ring, Camisha soon comes to the realization that she’s tired of being a good sport and ready to hang up her boxing gloves. Or is she? One woman doesn’t stop any show. Well, at least, in Camisha’s book. She makes the rules; all she asks is for them to be followed. 

She’s been competing for the number one spot in Cameron Dargan’s life for quite some time now, but is number two all that she’ll ever be? Maybe to Mr. Dargan, a married man with single man tendencies, who wants to have his cake and eat it too. 

When he first laid eyes on Camisha, the fact that he was ten years her senior didn’t mean a thing. She was his guilty pleasure, the life of his boring party. His older needs met her younger wants, and there wasn’t anything he wasn’t ready to risk. His marriage to the hottest interior designer in the city included. 

But… everything that glitters isn’t gold, and the good is bound to turn bad.

Nothing lasts forever.

Relationships end and so do lives. 

The question is… whose?

Come along for this twisted triangle of sex, side chicks, and secrets.

Stolen Mistletoes

Stolen Mistletoes


The holidays aren’t so happy anymore. Well, at least, not for Choyce Sinclair.

After the demise of a five-year relationship, the freelance journalist is struggling to find a better ending to her sad story.

With Christmas coming around the corner, emotions are high and spirits are low. What was once a gleeful time of the year for her has been overruled by the gloominess of a difficult breakup and the wish to make up.

However, after a life-altering phone call, Choyce is forced to take an unexpected trip back home to her Alabama roots and face what she’s been running from all along—her family.

As unresolved issues come to the forefront and dirty laundry is exposed, Choyce lands herself in a whirlwind of things and people she wanted to leave in the past.

Including one person, in particular, who just might have been waiting for her under the mistletoe.


In addition to her novels, Ashley has found success with her journals.  One for women and another for men, simply titled, BRB, I’m Healing and Shxt: A Lined Journal. The journals put mental health at the forefront and open the door for conversations we don’t have enough of in our communities.  “Happiness is healing.  Healing is happiness.”

BRB, I'm Healing and Shxt A Lined Journal















Which Ashley Te’Arra novel will you be reading first? 

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