Desiigner Calls EST Gee “Hot Garbage” For Charging $75,000 For A Feature

Desiigner could be seen upset on Thursday when he took to Instagram to thrash out an issue he evidently developed with EST Gee. In the video, Desiigner calls EST Gee “Hot Garbage” for charging $75,000 for a feature.

The Brooklyn, New York rapper who used to be signed to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music label is reportedly working on his follow-up project to the 2021 EP, “Three the Hard Way.” According to him, he reached out to EST Gee for a feature who unexpectedly, tried to overcharge him.

“Opps tried to charge me $75,000,” Desiigner said in the now-deleted video on Instagram. “EST Gee, bro, you’re garbage, you’s hot garbage. You can’t perform like me. You can’t never make a song like anybody in New York City. You’re trash, bro. You’re trash.”

He continued, “You know what you are? Dead ass what I’m doing right now: shtting. You feel me? Stop playing with me. For real, for real. Y’all nggas ain’t never sell what I sold. That’s on my mother.”

The rapper also made the headlines in June. He reportedly got into an altercation with the cops outside a gas station in Los Angeles. His last single “Jaguar” was dropped in August.

Here are some of the reactions and trolls from Twitter regarding Desiigner’s issue with EST.

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