Understanding The LINX procedure in Germany

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Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), or reflux esophagitis, develops against the background of repeated backwash of the stomach content to the esophagus. Stomach acid irritates the sensitive inner lining of the esophagus, causing inflammation, ulceration, and pain. In Germany, GERD treatment options include both symptomatic drug treatment and curative surgical interventions, so patients have what to choose from. Treatment with the LINX system is the most advanced minimally invasive intervention that is efficient in 99% of patients. You can undergo the LINX procedure in Germany even if you are a citizen of another country.

What is the LINX device?

LINX is a quarter-dollar-sized annular shape device. It consists of interlinked titanium beads, which are connected with titanium wires. The titanium beads have permanent magnetic cores, so that they attract each other. This attraction force is used to augment the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) that normally prevents stomach acid from going back to the esophagus.

The LINX device is placed around the esophagus, in LES projection. When a person swallows food or liquid, the magnetic bond of LINX titanium beads temporarily breaks. They slide away from each other on the titanium wires, so that food and liquid can freely pass from the esophagus to the stomach. After that, the magnetic attraction is restored, and LES is reliably closed.

The LINX Reflux Management System does not alter the anatomical structure of the stomach or its function. Implanted once, it can stay inside forever, controlling reflux symptoms lifelong. The high quality of the material (titanium) creates no restrictions regarding MRI and going through airport security.

How is the procedure carried out?

Clinics in Germany use minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures for the implantation of the LINX device. This means that you will avoid a traumatic open surgery with long postoperative recovery. Doctors will guide you through the following stages:

  • Preoperative examination: excluding allergy (to titanium and ferrous materials), excluding esophageal or gastric cancer, carrying out basic clinical examinations.
  • Giving general anesthesia and creating a laparoscopic approach.
  • Placement of the precision sizing tool in order to adjust LINX size to the esophagus size of the patient.
  • LINX implantation.
  • Correction of the concomitant pathologies, e.g. a hiatal hernia.
  • Removing surgical instruments and closing skin incisions.

Due to the minimal invasiveness and excellent tolerability, a patient may go home the next day after the procedure. A patient can follow his usual diet right after the discharge. No additional interventions for LINX adjustment or removal are required.

What are the benefits of using LINX?

LINX surgery is indicated to GERD patients with severe side effects of medicinal treatment, drug resistance or poor quality of life despite therapy, and desire to avoid a lifelong drug intake. Right after the surgery GERD patients:

  • Can go home, without specific postoperative care or rehabilitation. Usual duration of hospital stay is 1-2 days.
  • Can withdraw medications for GERD treatment.
  • Can follow a usual diet without any restrictions.
  • Can live a full life of high quality.

You can easily visit one of the German clinics with vast experience in LINX surgery and surgeons who have attended product-specific training. To see the full list of the specialized healthcare facilities and current treatment prices, visit the Booking Health website.

Booking Health is the international provider of medical tourism that helps people from all over the world undergo LINX procedure in Germany. Company’s managers and medical advisors facilitate choosing a clinic and a surgeon, book an appointment without long waiting, take care of visa and other travel issues, provide you with an interpreter, control your medical program and costs in the final calculation, etc. Feel free to contact Booking Health on any question regarding treatment in Germany.

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