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[FIRST LOOK] Meet the Cast of ‘Finding Happy,’ the New Bounce TV Original Series

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Back with all-black women cast,  Bounce TV will be airing the new series, Finding Happy on September 24. Finding Happy is an original series that is centered on a hardworking black woman.  Here’s your opportunity to meet the cast of Finding Happy.

Focused on black women, for black women, the series takes you through the life of a black woman who is yet to attain success in her career and feels incomplete in her love life as well.

It opens with her 36th birthday celebration and we get to see this beautiful woman struggle to accomplish all she desires.

Here is a first look at the trailer for Finding Happy

With B. Simone playing the lead character, Yaz Carter, observe her as she takes us through her journey as a radio host, although frustrated by her stagnant career.

Despite having a long-time unrequited love, she gets to experience a series of relationships while her loving yet complicated family adds to the tension. Can it get any worse? Will she end up finding happiness?

The Bounce series Finding Happy cast includes B. Simone, Kim Coles, Marketta Patrice, Angela Gibbs, Stevie Baggs Jr., and Mike Merrill.

The executive producers are Eric C. Rhone, Cedric the Entertainer, Yasmine Coleman, Angela Wells, Kendra Jo, and Reesha L. Archibald. Kendra Jo, Yasmine Coleman and Angela Wells serve as the writers and creators.

The eight-episode series is set to air at 8 PM EDT beginning on September 24th.


Meet the Cast of Finding Happy

B. Simone as Yaz Carter 

Yaz Carter, a radio host in Atlanta, is uneasy about her love life as she is clocking 36. Worried if she will ever be a wife or find her other half, She decides to do what makes her happy. The actress, comedian and businesswoman is popularly known for appearing on Wild N Out.


Kim Coles 

Kim Cole, real name Kim LaShaunda Coles actress, comedian and writer. She is remembered for her role in ‘Living Color.’ This multi-talented woman is also a host and hosted BET’s game show “Pay It Off”. She is unmarried and has no kids.


Marketta Patrice

Marketta Patrice is a musical artist, songwriter and actress. The young star is a goal-oriented creative who spends time writing her own songs and doing what she loves regardless of others’ opinions. She is publicly single and has no kids.

Angela Gibbs

Angela Gibbs has appeared in over 30 works including movies and television series. She is best known for her role in Grey’s Anatomy (2010), On My Block Season 4 (2021), and The Gunrunner Billy Kane (2021). She is a mother of one.

Stevie Baggs Jr

Stevie is an actor as well as a public speaker. He is the co-founder of the Ceta foundation. The actor is a fitness lover and when he isn’t on set, can be found in the gym. The 40-year-old is the author of Greater Than The Game and Woke.

Mike Merrill

Known for appearing in movies like ‘A La Carte’ and ‘Black Hamptons,‘ the actor is back as the character, Dexter in this ‘Finding Happy.’ He will be playing B.Simone’s love interest. Mike is loved for his vibrant persona, beautiful smile and sweet personality.

Let us know what you think of B. Simone as the lead in Finding Happy cast in the comments.

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