Treasure Hunt Liquidators Review: A Complete & Honest Review

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Well, liquidation isn’t somewhat of a new term to you people. If you have been staying updated with the content that we’re coming up with, then you must know what liquidation is and why it’s necessary. 

However, there are a lot of malicious entities out there to scam you on the internet. This is where we come in. we check these not so easy to believe liquidation stores and pallets so that you can ensure the quality of the products and also other amenities that are just important. 

With that being said, today we are going to review treasure hunt liquidators from one of the best liquidation stores in Cambridge. So hold on to your seats and read till the end. Treasure hunt liquidators is not an amateur in the liquidation business. 

They have been in the industry for quite some time now. This shows in the professionalism they offer when you enter their store. However, if you want to know how they’re able to offer such low prices on retail items, here’s a rough idea.

When big box retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Costco, and other big retailers overstock items and dont see enough anticipation in their target audience for the product, they sell off these items to stores like treasure hunt liquidators. 

Then this company gets truckloads of these items at cost price and hence can offer at such low prices themselves. Since in most retail products the margin is quite a lot, after reducing cost price, the prices are substantially low and hence help the average consumer buy the same things, for significantly less cash.

Apart from the random out-of-the-bin products, you can also buy liquidation pallets from treasure hunt liquidation. However, if you wish to go the conventional route of sorting through truckloads of overstock items, it would be nothing less than a real treasure hunt for sure. 

What can you get here?

Well, there are no predictions as to what you can find in treasure hunt liquidators. As the name suggests, it is going to be more of a hunt, rather than picking and choosing the items that you like. 

Since they restock one day every week, the store is not completely organized, and would be difficult to locate items, because they are quite messed around with. Since people like to come and fiddle with items that catch their eye, it is easily misplaced. 

Also, customers have a bad habit of picking and dropping items from one corner of the aisle to the other this usually creates the chaos that you see generally in liquidation stores. 

However, treasure hunt liquidators aren’t as random as you might think they are. This is because there is some order beneath all the chaos as well. There are fixed categories in what they deal with and you can see this in every drop. 

This is major because of the companies they are tied up with, who offer things that are quite predictable. But sometimes, since overstocks are not very common in bigger companies, you will see one or two categories of these items out of place or absent. But in general, you can find anything from home essentials too, electronics. 

This also includes clothing, linen, cleaning supplies, basic houseware, and much more. On the other side of the spectrum, you will be able to find electronics and hardware. TVs, microwaves, toasters, etc for sale. If that is up your alley, then we highly recommend buying from treasure hunt liquidators. 


Why treasure hunt liquidators?

Most of the liquidation stores work in the same fashion. This is mostly dictated by the type of stuff they keep. However, there is something that separates treasure hunt liquidators from others. There are mentioned below:-

  • Good customer service
    People who come inside treasure hunt liquidators aren’t disappointed. The major credit for that goes to the staff of the treasure hunt liquidator. Their staff is professional and will tell you exactly what you’re looking for. This helps you reduce the time you spent shopping and also find the exact item you were looking for. Apart from that if you’re an elderly person, they will help you carry heavy items to your vehicle, which is such a great gesture by the employees. 
  • Prices are low
    Treasure hunt liquidators offer their products at one of the cheapest prices in the entire city. Their maximum cost goes up to $10 on the day next to the restock day and can go as low as $1 for all the items inside the store. This is what helps people from all walks of life and different sections of society to buy stuff from treasure hunt liquidators. 
  • Large variety
    Unlike a lot of liquidation stores, treasure hunt liquidation is impeccable when it comes to the variety of products. If you are looking for something, then there are high chances that you’ll find it there. Well as they say it’s quite literally a treasure hunt. You get in and salvage whatever you can and return it.


From what we have gathered about the company, it seems completely legit. With a big storefront in Cambridge, they are one of the biggest wholesale liquidators in the city. This makes them completely reliable in what they do and hence is one of the reasons why we would recommend treasure hunt liquidators. Speaking of their pricing structure, every day has a fixed amount that you need to pay for any item that you pick. Obviously, when the stock’s new, the prices are comparatively higher, and when the stocks are close to running out, the prices are lower. However to give you a walkthrough of the prices Fridays are $10 an item, Saturdays are $8, Sundays are $6, Mondays are $4, Tuesdays are $2, Wednesdays are $1, and Thursdays the store is closed for restocking. Considering the prices and the reviews from actual customers, we would definitely conclude that treasure hunt liquidators is one of the best wholesale liquidation companies in Cambridge. We’re sure if you buy liquidation pallets from them, you are good to go. Till then, keep scrolling and spread this article.

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