Former NBA Player Ben Gordon Hits 10-Year-Old Son at Airport, Gets Arrested


Former NBA Player, Ben Gordon hits his 10-year-old son at the airport and is arrested.

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Earlier today, ex-NBA star Ben Gordon was spotted allegedly hitting his son who happens to just be 10 years old. Both father and son were waiting for a flight from LaGuardia in New York to Chicago a few minutes before the incident occurred.

Whether it was his way of disciplining his son or it was an accident is yet to be confirmed however, the cops happened to be around the corner. The star allegedly hit his son which happened to lead to the 10-year-old sustaining some injuries.  Gordon reportedly punched the son in the face with a closed fist.  Six nearby witnesses all called 911 to report the incident.

Luckily, his aunt was there to help him receive medical attention at a nearby hospital, Long Island Jewish Children’s Hospital.

According to the reports, two police officials got injured as well during the arrest as Gordon initially resisted. It was also discovered that Gordon’s son had previously filed a restraining order against him. Apparently, he is not legally allowed to take his son out of the state of Illinois.

The 39-year-old Gordon was placed in handcuffs and taken in for questioning. While we hope the son’s injuries aren’t severe, Gordon will be at the Port Authority police department.

Gordon was arraigned Tuesday night with bail set at $20,000.


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