DaBaby Tells Tyson He Doesn’t “Like To Fight,” Tyson Says Opposite

dababy mike tyson interview

Hip Hop sensation Dababy, who’s widely known for shooting and smacking folks, recently sat down on Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson and confessed that he is a lover as opposed to a fighter.

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Hip-Hop was spawned in the South Bronx streets — need we say more. With that said, battle rap brawls, knife fights in the club, shootings, etc., are far from uncommon due to the genre’s agonistic nature. Nowadays, it’s even become “the norm” as far as catching wind of a popular rapper meeting their demise by the hand of a homicidal adversary.

In this regard, DaBaby is no different. The international superstar has garnered headline after headline referencing assaults, murder and attempted murders, viral “eggplant” pics, you name it. Nonetheless, DaBaby disclosed recently to heavyweight champion Mike Tyson that he sincerely doesn’t like nor want any smoke.

dababy tyson
DaBaby tells Mike Tyson fighting isn’t his thing

“I’m hoping you don’t get caught out there and start fighting,” said Tyson to DaBaby. “You got a temper, huh?” DaBaby smilingly answers the champ, “I be chilling, bruh. I don’t do too much. I really don’t even like fighting.”

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Tyson alternatively responds to the DaBaby‘s noncombative approach, “Good, I’m happy, man. Cause I like fighting.” Etched in the sports history books as the youngest heavyweight boxing champion of all-time—truly it’s no astonishment that Tyson enjoys physical altercations.

“Yeah, fo’ sho,” DaBaby laughingly replies. Tyson nods his head and repeats, “I like fighting. I like fighting.” Check out the interview HERE.

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