How Soon Is Too Soon to Be Dating After a Breakup?

How Soon Is Too Soon

There’s a whole world of advice out there as far as what you should do about your love life after a breakup. Some people think it’s essential to embrace singlehood and stay single for a long time afterward. Others think it’s more therapeutic to get back out there again as soon as possible and start dating around, especially casually.

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So how soon is too soon to be dating after parting ways with a sugar daddy you were serious about? Is there really a clear-cut set of rules every sugar baby should follow, or does it vary from person to person and case to case? Let’s unpack the possibilities. 

Is There Such a Thing as Too Soon?

Truth be told, there’s no hard and fast rule everyone should follow when it comes to dating again after a breakup, as every situation is different. Sometimes a relationship wasn’t all that serious or had been deteriorating for a long time, making a breakup more of a relief than anything else. 

And the fact that jumping back into dating relatively quickly might not be suitable for one person doesn’t mean it can’t be the exact opposite for another. Relationships that spring up in situations where one or both parties are fresh out of a breakup aren’t necessarily doomed to fail, either.

For example, there are sugar daddy and sugar baby pairs out there who started seeing each other only a couple of weeks or a few days after one person’s breakup, only to wind up married with children and the whole shebang. So the right time to get back out there is honestly when you feel ready to do so.

What Are Some Undeniable Signs You’re Ready to Date Again?

So let’s say you’ve been doing some thinking. Your last breakup with your most recent sugar daddy was a relatively short time ago, but you’re thinking you might be ready to start dating again regardless. Here are some signs to look for that you’re right.

You can talk about the breakup with a clear head

It’s perfectly normal to have a lot of complicated emotions to unpack after a breakup, especially if you and your sugar daddy were together a long time or loved each other very much. You might feel angry, sad, or any number of other things.

It may be a while before you don’t feel those things at all anymore. But when you can talk about your former relationship and how it ended from a neutral place without difficult emotions bubbling to the surface again, you’re close to being ready to get back out there.

You feel like yourself again

A serious relationship occupies a big chunk of a person’s life, so it makes sense that many things can come unglued when it ends. Getting over a breakup is about more than just getting over missing your ex-sugar daddy. It’s also about grieving what you’ve lost and dealing with the potential sense that you’ve failed at something.

In other words, breakups can really mess with a sugar baby’s sense of self, and it takes time to get to know yourself again afterward. So if you’ve been feeling like you’re properly reacquainted with yourself and ready to take that next step, dating might not be a bad idea.

You’re accountable for your part in the breakup

Every breakup involves two people, and each played a specific role in how things ultimately ended. Maybe it happened in the first place because of a huge relationship mistake you made, or perhaps you were the one who initiated the breakup because you simply realized it was time.

Whatever the case may be, you had one part in this breakup or another, and it’s essential to take responsibility for whatever your choices were in that regard. Accountability is also an important sign that you’re successfully beginning to move on.

You’ve reassessed and redefined your boundaries

Every breakup should lead to a reflective period where you consider how that relationship changed you and what you’d like to be different moving forward. It’s especially important to reestablish your boundaries and decide what you’re no longer willing to put up with or settle for.

Writing things down can help, as can journaling or working through things with a therapist. But it’s essential to figure those boundaries out before you decide to dive back into the pool and get yourself a new sugar daddy to love.

In other words, if you feel ready to get back out there and start dating again, you’re probably good to go. Those first couple of dates will feel weird no matter what, but when you’re truly ready for them, they can also be healing experiences. After all, getting to know new people and establishing promising new bonds with terrific sugar daddies is a lot of fun. Enjoy it! You deserve it.

Photo by Diana Simumpande on Unsplash

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