The Emergence of Live Dealer Games in Online Casinos

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The Internet has revolutionized the world, including the iGaming industry. As more and more people visit online resources for information, many traditional industries have seen a significant decrease in physical traffic. Online casinos and betting sites are one of these industries that have taken a positive hit. New technologies have made online casinos a lot better, more effective, and safer for users.

To stay competitive in an increasingly online industry, online casino operators have turned to live dealer games to retain customers. These players may otherwise move on to other gaming providers that can provide what they need without having to leave behind their desks or be limited by time restraints.

Live dealers allow casino operators to compete with new technology, giving players what they want when they want it with no need for additional installations or hardware requirements at the player’s home or office.


What are Live Dealer Games?

Live dealer games are played with real-life, live dealers. Some players want human interaction in the gameplay, and these games offer exciting gameplay by using live streaming technology at nowe kasyno online. It’s like dining at a restaurant, and your server is the cocktail waitress. Most of these games are available in downloadable form, too, so if you have a slower connection speed, you can still enjoy the game of your choice. The most popular live dealer games include:

  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Casino Hold’em
  • Roulette
  • Three Card Poker

At many online casinos nowadays, you can find several types of live dealer games available for you to play on your gaming console as well as online. Popular games include baccarat and blackjack, but there are other versions as well, including versions that make use of virtual technology to bring slot machines and roulette into your living room or family room.

How to Play Live Dealer Games?

A typical live dealer game allows you to see the dealers and deal directly with them, just like you are playing in a real-life casino. You talk directly to the dealer via a chat box, and they can tell you their name if they wish. The technology that powers these games is available from many companies and currently offers full HD video streaming.

Live dealer games are varied, with new titles being developed all the time, so you can easily find whatever type of game it is that you want to play. They are made for different platforms, too, so as long as you have access to a computer or gaming console, then you can play any of these games whenever your time allows.

Choosing the right Live Dealer Game

To find the perfect live dealer game for you, it is important to first try to identify your preferred type of game. If you prefer table games and would like to play poker, then a live dealer game more in the style of Texas Hold’em might be ideal. Live dealer game versions of popular table games offer the same experience that you enjoy in real-life casinos. Here, you just don’t have to leave your place, and online games are quite affordable too. 

The other aspect that you should consider is if the games are available in downloadable versions or not. The more popular option is probably one which contains two versions, one which works on your computer and one which works on your gaming console, allowing different players access to the same game at different times through different platforms. Here are a few other factors that you need to consider during the selection process:

1- Software Provider

If you are to play at online casinos, it is essential that you play with software providers whose reputation is good. The quality of the gameplay depends upon the technologies used by the software provider. It’s always better to choose software that is highly rated by other players and has excelled in customer service in the past.

You can check online reviews or ask for recommendations from fellow players about the best games available in this category. This will give you confidence in their ability to deal with any issues that may arise during gameplay or when withdrawing your winnings. The payment methods should be convenient for you.

2- Promotions and Bonuses

Live dealer games don’t come cheap, and this means you need to look to find sites that offer free play options, no deposit bonuses, and cash-back offers. These will enhance your gaming experience while lowering the risk of losing money online.

3- Payment Options

Casinos with flexible payment options are always going to get more customers. There are regions where local payment methods are not available, and players find it quite difficult to make deposits and withdrawals. Make sure your chosen live dealer game accepts popular global and local payment methods.

  • Secure bank transfers
  • E-wallets such as Neteller and PayPal
  • Visa or MasterCard
  • Cryptocurrencies like BTC, XRP, and DOGE
  • Local payment methods

Why are Live Dealer Games Popular?

Live dealer games have gained popularity since the emergence of internet gaming. They offer a hands-on experience that attracts and appeals to many players around the world. This popularity has also led to many new companies developing their own live dealer platforms for casino operators and gaming providers.

Live dealer games benefit both players and casino operators. This is because there are no additional hardware or installation requirements at the client’s home or office, meaning that you can use the same computer or gaming console that you use for other tasks, such as Skype. Live dealer games provide a more engaging experience than regular online gaming due to the interaction with real-life dealers.


Live dealer games can provide great entertainment to those in the online gambling industry. Some sites offer text chat options, while a few have video-sharing options too. As compared to normal table games, live dealer games are a lot more engaging and entertaining. As the technologies are getting better, more improvements are expected in different game categories too. It’s time for you to enjoy the hybrid of digital games with human interaction. 

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