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It Seems As Though the “Swifties” Took Things A Little Far With Lizzo After Her IG Live Video

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Lizzo receives backlash from IG live after the recent live went viral when she spoke on her time at Beyonce’s concert. 

Lizzo doesn’t seem like she is going to be able to catch a break after many fans are a little shocked about her recent comment to a “swifter” on Twitter. 

Beyonce has been on tour for her Renaissance album and people from celebrities to her fans have been posting the time of their lives on social media. 

It seems as though everyone has been having an amazing time at her shows especially Lizzo who recently went to her concert that was in Warsaw, Portland. 

But many people didn’t like the things that Lizzo spoke on during her live about the concert and Beyonce. 

During the concert, Beyonce took a moment to acknowledge Lizzo during her performance which left her in awe as it should. We previously have figured out, during the Grammys, how much these two ladies admire one another. 

After the concert, Lizzo took it upon herself to express the fact that no one can compare to Beyonce and the way she performs, including herself. 

She goes on to say that she has been attending Beyonce’s concerts since she was a little girl and admires her skill set when it comes to her music and performances. 

Like many of the BeyHive’s, we can agree that Beyonce always tends to impress us and you will never leave feeling unfilled. 

But because of her remarks, and also the fact that Taylor Swift is also on tour, many of Swift’s fans (Swifties) weren’t too pleased at the remarks that Lizzo stated. 

It seems as though they feel as if Lizzo, like many other artists, are constantly placing Beyonce and Taylor Swift against each other. 

Whereas others just feel that Lizzo is giving her flowers to the one person that she admires as an artist. 

Either way, it didn’t go so smooth with Lizzo as she began to receive backlash from IG live after commenting negatively to a Swifty on her post.

Of course, you had some people defending Lizzo and her comment and others defending the Swifties. 

What’s your opinion? Do you believe Lizzo went too far? 

Let us hear your thoughts! Comment below. 

Here is What Twitter Had to Say

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