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[UPDATE] Jonathan Majors Court Date Set, Meagan Good Shows Up In Court Hand in Hand, New Evidence Appear – Here’s What We Know

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Jonathan Majors and Meagan Good arrive in court hand in hand as they discover the trial date for Jonathan Majors. 

As we know, Jonathan Majors is on trial for domestic violence by his ex girlfriend.

Many people were skeptical at the timing that she decided to come out with the news of her abuse due to Jonathan gaining his flowers from Creed III. 

A lot of the people have cancelled him due to the news of the incident but then there are some who are wondering about it being a racial issue. 

From what we know, Jonathan Majors ex-girlfriend was white. 

But that still doesn’t explain the fact that Meagan Good was found dating Jonathan Majors a few weeks after being exposed from domestic violence. 

Many people are trying to figure out when exactly did these two individuals started dating. 

Most people do not believe that they have been together that long but are concerned about how long they have been together for Meagan Good to be in hand in hand with Jonathan. 

Social media went on to say a lot when it came to seeing the two together at Jonathan’s court hearing. 

The date is set for August 3, with hopefully Meagan Good still by his side. 

Most people feel as though Meagan shouldn’t have to stand by his side being a black woman but again there were so many opinions from social media about this topic. 

It seems as though all of the taunting that people did speaking on the relationship between Meagan and Jonathan is coming to a stop as it seems as though the Jonathan ex-girlfriend was trying to kill herself after their breakup. 

According to Insider News, it seems as though Jonathan Major is blaming NYPD for racism as they charged him for a domestic violence charge. 

From the footage on the camera of one of the officers it seems as though the officer was convincing Ms. Jabbari of accusing Jonathan of violent behavior.

More people are looking at Jonathan Major in a different light now that new evidence has shown that Jonathan may have not abused anyone. 

But twitter is in an uproar at the backlash that Jonathan received in the beginning before evidence was gathered. 

Although, people are still a little confused as to how long Meagan and Jonathan have been together they are happy that Jonathan may be able to get his cased dismissed. 

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Here is What Twitter Had to Say

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