Rock Music Trivia: 4 Fascinating Facts You Didn’t Know About the Genre

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Rock music was born in the 1950s and became enormously popular. The rock genre has produced landmark music and instigated social change. There’s hardly a star that hasn’t sought to make music under the rock umbrella.

Regarding facts about rock music, this iconic genre never ceases to amaze us. From its rebellious origins to its global influence, rock music has captivated generations with its electrifying sound and powerful lyrics.

Today, a playlist wouldn’t be uncommon to feature rock from “yesterday” and “today.” Many listeners wouldn’t realize how long rock has been on the scene.

Read on for four rock music trivia facts you may not have known about the genre.

  1. The Birth of Roots Rock

One rock trivia is that roots rock is a genre of music that came into being in the mid-1960s. It brought together the elements of blues, country, folk, and traditional rock-n-roll in one place.

Musicians at the forefront of this movement included Bob Dylan and The Band. Their sound continued to find new fans and supporters throughout the late ’60s and ’70s.

The genre inspired musicians to incorporate elements of root rock into their styles. While rooted in traditional forms, roots rock is also an ever-evolving style of music that has evolved over the years, absorbing influences from reggae, classic rock, hip-hop, and other genres.

  1. The Surprising Origin of the Devil’s Horns

The “devil horns” hand gesture is an instantly recognizable symbol, often associated with a mischievous nature. However, the origin of the gesture is quite different than one would expect. The hand gesture was first introduced by Italian rocker Gene Simmons of KISS in 1974.

Behind the stage, Simmons developed the popular “devil horns” hand gesture to represent the phrase “rock and roll” as a sign of acknowledgment of the heavy metal genre. The gesture has since spread throughout the world, often being used as a way to express emotions such as enthusiasm, excitement, and joy.

  1. The Inventor of the Electric Guitar

George Beauchamp and Adolph Rickenbacker invented the electric guitar. It was in 1931 when they first invented the “Friedkin guitar.” This electric guitar is often considered to be the very first electric guitar ever created.

The guitar was powered by electromagnetic pickups that were wound with a copper wire which allowed the guitar to send out electric signals, creating a louder, more distinct sound. The invention of this electric guitar revolutionized music and opened up a world of sound and possibilities for musicians.

  1. Rock Music in Outer Space

Did you know that rock music history has transcended the boundaries of Earth? In 1977, NASA launched the Voyager spacecraft into space, carrying a golden record with sounds representing Earth’s culture.

Among the various tracks included on the record was Chuck Berry’s iconic rock and roll song “Johnny B. Goode.” This meant that if intelligent extraterrestrial life ever comes across the Voyager spacecraft, they would have the opportunity to hear the electrifying sounds of rock music and experience its power firsthand.

Discover New Facts About Rock Music

Rock music is a genre with a long and varied history. It has evolved over the years, but there are still some interesting trivia and facts about rock music that many people don’t know.

By learning these four interesting facts, we can become more informed about this popular genre and find ways to support it daily. Now, it’s your turn to explore rock music’s rich history and legacy.

For more informative articles just like this one on rock music trivia, keep exploring our blog!

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