Oprah Winfrey Beach Photo Sets Social Media On Fire

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Self-made billionaire Oprah Winfrey enjoys traveling to the beach, based on appearances.

The wealthy media mogul was seen on camera lying on the sand in boots, jeans, and a sweater. The water was behind her. Although it’s unclear why Winfrey was sprawled out on the beach, her cheerful expression suggested she was having fun.

The Neighborhood Talk uploaded the video to Instagram along with Childish Gambino’s 2018 soulful song, “Feels Like Summer.”

Regarding Winfrey’s beach footage, fans posted a ton of queries and answers in the comments section.

“What in the only fans is going on.”

“On the Beach Dressed For The Cabins.”

“She need to get up.”

“Why she got on boots?”

Oprah Winfrey beach
Oprah Winfrey shows the world you don’t have to be half-naked on the beach

Oprah Winfrey Goes Classy On The Beach

Winfrey reportedly went on a two-mile climb up a steep mountain while donning sweatpants, a T-shirt, and a hat instead of her usual stylish attire.

She was joined on her walk by two other peers, as shown in one of the “The Butler” star’s most recent videos.

While exhibiting their excursion to onlookers, the celebrated talk show host spoke into the camera, “See those trees up there? The goal is to get up there today.”

Fans can see that the ladies’ mission was accomplished in another segment from the same film. Andy (a woman with Winfrey) said after the billionaire asked her how she was doing, “We made it. Grateful to be up here, grateful for the working legs.”

Winfrey elaborated, “This is the thing about making it to the top: It’s harder than you think.”

The philanthropist described the situation as a “wonderful metaphor,” saying, “You believe it’s a straight shot to the peak. When you gaze up, you could think, “Oh, I can make it there,” but life has many curves, twists, and turns, dips, valleys, rocks, and hills.”

What are your thoughts on the beach pic Oprah Winfrey took? Sound off below!

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