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Kim Kardashian Hoping New Law in Louisiana Helps Free C-Murder

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Kim Kardashian is attempting to use a new law recently passed in Louisiana to free C-Murder.

C-Murder has been in jail for over 20 years, but according to Kim Kardashian, he might be able to come home soon thanks to a new law in Louisiana.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star announced back in 2020 that she’d be joining Master P and others to try and free C-Murder, who’s been incarcerated for 21 years after he was convicted of killing 16-year-old Steve Thomas outside a Louisiana nightclub in 2002.

Kim K took to Twitter on Thursday (August 3) to finally share an update on the case and said that the two men forced to testify against C-Murder have since recanted those testimonies claiming they’re untrue, which means there’s no direct evidence tying C-Murder (real name Corey Miller) to the crime.

“There is no remaining evidence that even suggests that Corey Miller is any more culpable than the hundreds of patrons who were at the Platinum Club on January 12, 2002, when Steve Thomas was tragically shot,” Kim Kardashian wrote. “Rather than search for the real perpetrator of the crime, the local sheriff’s office zeroed in on proving a case against Mr. Miller.

“The lead detective harassed multiple witnesses and mishandled the case to such a degree that the trial court had no choice but to grant Mr. Miller a new trial after he was convicted in 2003.”

She continued: “In 2009, four months before Mr. Miller’s second trial, his attorney attempted to withdraw and complained he had not been paid in years. The new judge refused to allow counsel to withdraw, and Mr. Miller stood trial for a second time with an attorney who made no effort to call favorable witnesses to testify.

“The State’s case was minimal, limited to the now recanted testimony of Darnell and Kenneth Jordan, and rather than call the five defense witnesses who testified at the first trial that Mr. Miller was not the shooter, trial counsel played the audio of their testimony for the jury.

“Even with the lack of a vigorous defense, the jury recognized obvious issues with the State’s case and deliberated for over 24 hours. After being sequestered overnight, the jury attempted to return a 10-2 verdict, with one juror stating she was only voting guilty ‘under duress.’ The court returned the jury to deliberations and the juror changed her vote from ‘guilty under duress’ to ‘guilty.’

“The same juror spoke to the local newspaper the day after the verdict and confirmed that she did not believe the State proved Mr. Miller was guilty, but voted guilty to end deliberations. Mr. Miller was convicted by a 10-2 verdict, which the Supreme Court has since held violates the Sixth Amendment right to a trial by jury, while not applying retroactively.”

Kim Kardashian to Use New Law

Kardashian went on to explain that Louisiana, where C-Murder is incarcerated, recently enacted a new law that gives wrongly convicted individuals the ability to bring forth a “post-conviction claim of factual innocence.” The SKIMS mogul said C-Murder did just that, but was “denied relief without even so much as an evidentiary hearing.”

“In light of the fact that the only witnesses have completely recanted their testimony, there is absolutely no remaining evidence against Mr. Miller,” she continued. “Corey Miller deserves a day in court to test the veracity of the recanted statements and to prove that he did not shoot Steve Thomas.”

Kardashian then urged her followers to repost her tweet if they agreed “that Corey Miller deserves his day in court,” adding: “While I strongly believe in Corey’s innocence, my heart goes out to the victims- and I pray for their healing and the closure that they deserve.”

Back in May, it was announced that attorney Ben Crump and the NAACP would also be joining in a renewed fight for C-Murder’s freedom.

“The NAACP Louisiana State Conference is proud to announce that Eugene Collins, President of the NAACP Baton Rouge Branch, will be taking on a special assignment and joining Corey Miller’s team in advocating for his innocence. President Collins will be working with FFO Investigations, led by Ms. Kasandra Washington,” a statement read at the time.

C-Murder has been having an extremely hard time in the Louisiana penal system and revealed in March he was undergoing a hunger strike to protest the “inhumane” conditions and health standards he’s endured.

He added in a statement on Instagram that his health had quickly declined while behind bars due to him not having access to the necessary medical treatment. However, he made clear he remains committed to his hunger strike.

“It is imperative, NOW MORE THAN EVER, that a quick strategic move is made as my health has significantly declined due to the prison system’s inhumane conditions and I am not getting proper medical treatment,” he wrote in part. “This has tak[en] a major toll on me but I refuse to give up. Please Stand with me.”


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