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Nathaniel Alexander the Inventor of the Infamous Folding Chair, Gets Used in Alabama Brawl – Black Twitter Has Much to Say

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Folding chair used in Alabama brawl has black twitter celebrating the unspeakable scene. 

On Saturday, August 5, a white group attacked a black dock worker who was working on the dock in Montgomery, Alabama around 7PM. 

It seems as though the black dock worker, was trying to tell them about their boat and how to dock it but it seems as though the the argument escalated. 

The white man on the boat decided to fight the worker, then his friends decided it would be a good idea to jump him instead.

There has been a lot of black and white crime taken place over the last few years so it only made since that this time when we saw it, we jumped right in. 

Every black man and woman on the dock either swam, ran and jumped to the worker’s defense. They were not about to sit back and watch this man get beaten by white men. 

What was suppose to just be a conversation turned into a brawl quickly as many people were on the dock fighting away. 

Alabama has been a state where racism is common but especially in Montgomery, Alabama where the Civil Rights, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and many others started the fight for our freedom. 

So on Saturday, when the black worker was trying to do his job but instead was ambushed by the white customers who owned the boat, it was then that the black community immediately came to his rescue.

More so like, they were honored to. 

“Warrants are being signed and justice will be served,” says Mayor Steven Reed who is the Mayor of Montgomery, AL. 

Here’s What the Mayor of Alabama Had to Say 

Many people have been detained and and the police are investigating this brutal attack. 

Many fists and folding chairs were being thrown in this brawl to help the man who was being jumped. 

And of course, many people are thanking Nathaniel Alexander for inventing this chair. 

While the law is working, black twitter decided that they had a few things to celebrate and say about the brawl at the riverfront. 

Here is What Twitter Had to Say

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