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[First Look] The Baddies East Cast Gets Physical in New Season

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The Baddies East Cast will have you fascinated with their performances in this new season. They are back! and bad!!

Over ten promising young talents from the city’s East Side make up the group, and they’re rapidly building a fanbase thanks to the distinctive look and performances that they bring to their show.

They all have unique charm and add their own special touch to the new season.

Additionally, Stunna girl and Vicky, two members of the cast, have decided to leave the show. According to rumors, Suzanne Sade Brown, better known by her stage as Stunna Girl, quit the show due of disagreements with the network regarding performance fees.

Moreover, Woah Vicky apparent reason for leaving was due to the argument she had with Chrisean Rock which left a bitter feeling.

The show would be available for streaming only on Zeus network and the release date is yet to be announced.

The Baddies East season 4 trailer 

Meet the Baddies East Cast

The Baddies East Cast include Natalie, Scotty, Biggie, Rollie, Tee, Mariah Lynn, Scarface, Camilla, Sky, Tesehki, Ahna Mag, Chrisean, Smilie, and Sukihana.

The show introduced 3 new members as replacements for the show – Sukihana, Biggie and Scarface.



Camilla is known for her amazing personality. More than being a public figure, she an amazing mother and friend. She enjoys sharing her day-to-day life with her fans on IG where she posts photos of her adorable daughter.

Ahna Meg

Not only born with a beautiful face, the upcoming talent, Ahna meg is an artist who is gifted with an amazing voice. Through her music, she shares her crafts and captures fans with her soothing voice.

Suzanne “Stunna Girl” Brown

Suzanne Brown, also known as “Stunna Girl” is an artist and gets over 78,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Her most popular track is Runway which trended on TikTok and was used in many ‘Runway challenge’ videos.

Natalie Nunn

Natalie is an entrepreneur and the CEO of three businesses: Natalie Nunn Cosmetics, Fit by Paynes, and Journeys hair. She is the Executive Producer of Bad Boys: Los Angeles and the Baddies Reality TV show.

Scotlynd “Scotty” Ryan

Scotlynd Ryan also known as “Scotty” is a fitness model and a Certified fitness trainer. She also founded her own fitness company called Snatched LLC. 

Chrisean “Rock” Malone

Chrisean “Rock” Malone also known as “First Lady of Blueface LLC” is an artist and her majority fame is attributed to her on-and-off relationship with her long-time boyfriend, Blueface. Chrisean is the youngest cast of the Baddies West.


Dj “Sky High Baby”

Dj “Sky High Baby” is a DJ as well as an MC. She started getting DJ gigs in 2015 and is also known for her friendly and cheerful personality. As seen on her website, the baddie is a social butterfly and is acquainted with a few people in the industry.


New Casts


Sukihana is a talented musician and reality star. The female street-style rapper’s authenticity is one reason fans adore her. Sukihana is joining the cast as a new member.


Biggie also known as Damerlin Baez, originally from Rhode Island, is a model, an influencer, and a former contestant on the reality television show Baddiest West.


E.T. Scarface is here as a replacement and first debuted on Baddies South Central. She is a real baddie who does not hold back at putting anyone in their place.

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