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Ingenuity and innovation are the driving forces behind Superherocars.com. Created in 2008 by Lennox Browne Jr., Superherocars.com is the answer to your auto desires and needs. Collaborating with a childhood friend, Verion Wright, Superherocars.com provides purchase solutions for car rental companies. The companies can purchase up to an entire fleet of cars.


Superherocars.com is a one of a kind online auto organization that serves three different purposes: “helping out auto services to completely get online, high end vehicle brokerage and online marketing solutions,” Browne Jr. explains.


Superherocars.com, Browne Jr. says is a “challenge. My mother always challenged me to step out of the norm and be extraordinary.” The majority of Superherocars.com’s clients are entertainment companies who seek out luxury vehicles for rappers, singers, and sports related people. Their automobile inventory arises from their own financing, which Browne Jr. notes “allows for lower overhead.” The organization provides numerous amounts of services such as auto tint, car audio installations and auto painting, which Lennox adds “gives you a one stop shopping experience.”

Superherocars.com seeks out customers based on word of mouth, their website and direct marketing. Lennox Browne Jr. says “we have to convince the consumer that this organization is in their best interest to meet their auto needs, especially since there is a whole lot of online scamming out there.” The organization is in the process of retooling their marketing to gain more clientele by offering weekly updates and specials to people who visit the website.
With a background in finance and marketing, Lennox Browne Jr. draws his experience from various internships and jobs. Browne Jr. enthusiastically explains that he “gained a lot of contacts working alongside many individuals. I was able to launch this business because of the jobs that I’ve had. The networking is off the charts, especially working here in New York.” A native of the West Indies, Lennox Browne Jr. describes his journey to America as “not being easy. I was culture shocked, but I met Verion, who was also from the Caribbean so it helped. I also played sports so it helped as well.”


Lennox Browne Jr. envisions Superherocars.com as “the leader in the online high end automobile industry. We want to be up there with Auto Trader and EBay. I also want to bring in a 3D customization in the future so people can customize a car on the website.” Browne Jr. comments that Superherocars is “revolutionary. It’s ahead of it’s time. A lot of people are taken back by the concept in itself, they are like wow. We want Superherocars to change the way the auto industry does business.”


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