Lyfe Jennings opens up to Parlé about EVERYTHING!

Parlé: Who is the next Lyfe Jennings?
Lyfe: I don’t want to say his name because I’m trying to sign him. But listen when I tell you this dude right here he is the greatest writer of our time of this decade. He is the greatest writer, he is better than me and I don’t hold that lightly. I’ll tell anybody that before I’m a singer, a musician any of that I’m a writer. That’s my claim to fame, writing. His writing is on the same lines of what I speak about, but it’s much more elegant. He writes like I used to write.

Parlé: Speaking of protégés, where were you when you learned about La La Brown’s murder?
Lyfe: I was in bed actually. My homey called me and he was like you are not going to believe what happened. I ain’t want to hear it, I’m like call me tomorrow and he was like no. I’m outside this house and their saying La La was in there. I dropped the phone I had just talked to La La just two or three days before that. She was a great person everyone liked La La.

Parlé: Do you think she was on the path of success?
Lyfe: I think so. I had plans that’s the main reason I put her on the record. She was signed to my label and I knew the song would be a smash.

Parlé: Who are some of your favorite artists out?
Lyfe: I like Drake lyrically. I’m a lyric’s guy Chrisette Michelle. I’ve been listening to Monica and what I’ve heard is really good. It’s different from what you’re used to hearing from her. Sorry to hear about what happened to Rocko. I’m single too Monica, you better stop playing.

Parlé: Are you sending a shout out to Monica?
Lyfe: Yeah, shout out to Monica!

Parlé: Can relationships last in the music industry with so much temptation?
Lyfe: I really believe that everything in your relationship has to get a percent. You have to decide what percent you can live with and get more of and less of. Cause if you get more money you might get less time. If you get more time you might get less attention. A man going to cheat over here and you might be financially cool. It has to be a balance because you’re not going to find 100 percent in 5 things because that’s 500 percent.

Parlé: Why are you single?
Lyfe: I’m single because I just got out of a relationship about 5 or 6 months ago. A long term relationship and when I got straight with her I didn’t really find out who she was. I had no barometer to tell if she was there for the bread or if she really cared about me. So then when it came down to the proof 5 or 6 years later. I feel like I don’t think she didn’t love me, but I just think her motivations—again that balance you know what I’m saying. She’d accepted certain things because of other things.

Parlé: Are you talking about your kid’s mother?
Lyfe: Yep, one in the same.

Parlé: Okay , the internet has been circulating a rumor about you, her and a gun. What happened?
Lyfe: That incident is what it is. The only thing I will say about that is it’s so much stuff out there about me on the internet Facebook, Myspace & Media Take Out but all of that stuff if you look at it what does it all have in common? It’s about my kids. It ain’t about no woman I said it and I’ll say it again I don’t care about what no judge, no police I don’t care about none of that I’m going to see my kids. I’m going to be in their life and ain’t nothing going to keep me away from them. Period and if that means going to jail then that means that’s where I’m going to be.

Parlé: What was one of the craziest experiences you had with a groupie?
Lyfe: I had a lot of those. One time I was at a function giving by one of those TV hosts I can’t remember who it was and all while we were there everyone was cool. I was coming up and every room was a party and this dude came up to me and said my wife is a huge fan of yours can you sign an autograph for her. I was like sure, but I can’t do it now cause my night just started. Later in the night I see dude again and he’s like you promised you’d sign an autograph for my wife. I’m feeling kind of buzzed so I’m like let me do this now before I’m feeling good. So he takes me all the way back to this room and he’s like it’s my wife’s birthday and he opens the door to this room and we went in and his wife is in the bed and I’m like dude she’s sleep he’s like no she’s cool. Then he tells her bay wake up look who’s here. She looks and smiles then the lady gets out of bed completely naked. Dude is like bay it’s your birthday do whatever you want to do and left the room and she came over and I’m like bay listen. I’m like I like free stuff but this n*&*& might be in the closet somewhere. I came out and dude was like what happened? I’m like ‘I’m not with that, that’s your wife B’. But, I have to tell you she was firm looking!

Parlé: Were you tempted?
Lyfe: Yes , I was. But like I say he got a key, aint no telling what would of popped off. I might have found myself a victim.

Parlé: Would you date a groupie?
Lyfe: Would I date a groupie? Yes I would. At this point in my life honestly I would date a stripper.

Parlé: Why?
Lyfe: Because people are people. One thing I learned is that you have to be able to separate a person’s heart. You might be missing out on a great person. I think I got it down.

Parlé: So you would follow Kanye West’s lead by wifing a bi-sexual former stripper?
Lyfe: I didn’t say I would wife her! All I’m saying is I wouldn’t turn her down if she came to me and said I’m a stripper or I’m a groupie. That wouldn’t totally eliminate her from possibly being with me. Yo, I got flaws of my own. I’m a groupie for groupies. I like women so who’s to say that might be a turn off.

Parlé: So, my question again Amber Rose would you have wifed her, took her to the awards and dressed her up?
Lyfe: I think she’s pretty but she’s not really my speed. I might have smashed but I don’t think she would be on my elbow on no Polaroids.

Parlé: Are you working on anything in the entertainment industry other then music?
Lyfe: I just got a movie deal again I’m not going to say the name, I’m working on a soundtrack, and children’s book series that I’m putting out right around the time my album drops and again this is a great album.

Parlé: Where can we go to get a snippet of the new album?
Lyfe: We’re in the process of putting out a sample. We just picked songs today. I’m assuming we’ll have something in the next few weeks you just have to look for it.

Parlé: Where can we look for it, are you on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Myspace?
Lyfe: Yes, & Twitter. Twitter is probably the first place you’ll hear about it.

images by Christian Ortiz

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