Oh Hell NAW – Shar Jackson


I’m putting an APB out on Shar Jackson after watching the season finale of Celebrity Fit Club. Monday night’s finale showed Kevin Federline apologizing for hurting Shar during his world wind romance with Britney Spears. Shar cried and laughed then stated “I got my friend back” then hugged him like they were going to need the jaws of life to separate the two. All I could say is girl I’mma need you to call 1-800-Hell-Naw.

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I was cheering for Shar up until she lost her cotton picking mind. She struggled with some of the challenges, got hurt a couple times and was still going through an emotional roller coaster. But every chance she got she always managed to say over and over again “Kevin and I are best friends!” Trick and he never said I’m sorry for leaving you barefoot and pregnant?

What, you talking about Shar (in my Gary Coleman voice)? Not only was he rocking one of the biggest names in music, he got her pregnant and married her. I guess that’s what the old folks mean when they say “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free.” Now fourteen years later (I know it hasn’t been that long, but you get my point) she’s still crying like a little school girl who lost her dog. Wow! Can you say loser with a capital L. I’ve never seen a woman that look more pathetic then Shar Jackson, while Kevin looked emotionless, tired and relieved all at the same time. I’m assuming the producers of the show told him it would probably be a good look if he apologized. It definitely made him look a little better in my eyes.  
As for her, she lost a lot of brownie points. Listen, I can understand heartbreak but I can’t understand hanging on to the string of a man’s boot strap that clearly doesn’t want you. Shar looked like she hit the lottery after the apology. Maybe she thinks she has a chance with him, I don’t know, but it clearly showed she is still in love. All I could do was scream “get over it”. She lost a little weight and hopefully she feels a little better about herself. I’m pretty sure she thought it was the end when you broke up with her first kid’s father or baby daddy.  Life goes on and believe me there will be a lot more heartbreak and tears.

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