“Who’s Next?”… Laws – Your Future Favorite Rapper

Here to make good music and shake up the Hip-Hop game is Laws, a Brazilian born emcee from Florida. He’s been compared to Drake, J Cole, and Eminem; but make no mistake about it, this man stands on his own. Inspired by the greats and ready to put his own “fantabulous” stamp on rap, Laws gives us some insight and lets me pick his brain a bit.

Parlé Magazine: How did you get into the music industry?
Laws: I think like most musicians, it just kind of starts off as a hobby either as a time waster or a creative outlet. Probably one out of every ten is crazy enough to go and actually pursue it, and I just happen to be one of those crazy cats that did.


Parlé: How long have you been on this pursuit?
Laws: I got my record deal in October, but I started writing rhymes when I was about 14. And I’d say between the ages of 14 and 16 is when I really started pursuing it.


Parlé: Who are your musical inspirations, no matter the genre, that have influenced you?
Laws: I’m a music fan, so I could probably sit here and talk about that all day, just off of the top of my head. So, I’ll pick one from each genre. If I have to say soul: I pick Curtis Mayfield, Classic rock: The Beatles and Stones, Rap and Hip Hop: all the greats-Big, Pun, etc.


Parlé: What is the message behind your music? What do you want your listeners to take away from songs?
Laws: You, know, I don’t know. I get asked that question a lot and I really don’t have a message… I don’t consider myself a role model or on a soap box. I just want to make good music. I just want whoever listens to my music to enjoy it.


Parlé: So when does the album actually drop?
Laws: I have one more promotional project coming up before I release the CD. I had the idea to do three promotional CDs before I released the album and kinda space them out.

Parlé: Where can the public gain access to these mixtapes?
Laws: They can go to my myspace-it’s LawsHipHop and it’s constantly updated with media content.


Parlé: What is your favorite song on your 4:57P.M. mixtape?
Laws: My favorite song on there is a track titled “So Nice”.

Parlé: You’ve been compared lyrically to Drake and Eminem… How do you feel about that comparison?
Laws: As far as content, Drake deals more with the ills of dealing with celebrity and how it affects relationships and such, and I’m a little more general than that. My content is a little more all over the place. We’re completely different and I think that the main reason we’re getting the comparison is our skin tone, hair color and the tone of my voice. Whenever someone new comes along, people make themselves feel comfortable and make comparisons, so I’m grateful to be compared to such talent, they’re really game shakers. I can’t be mad at the comparison because I truly like them. So, it’s cool, until people recognize me for me, I’ll take it.


Parlé: If you could use only one word to sum up your music, what would it be?
Laws: Fantabulous.



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