Our Family Wedding… movie review

This film has been in theaters for a few weeks now, but it hasn’t been receiving a lot of publicity so I believe a review is still in order. One of the only romantic comedies in theaters currently, Our Family Wedding is the perfect date movie complete with laughs and plenty to relate to and enjoy for Blacks and Hispanics.

If you’ve seen Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner? or Guess Who? or My Big Fat Greek Wedding, you may realize that this movie is eerily similar but even if you have seen them and especially if you haven’t you can appreciate the trials families go through when people from two different backgrounds become romantically involved and have to plan a wedding. The side plot also helps keep you interested while you crack up and wait for what comes next.

Forest Whitaker and Regina King make for a surprisingly enjoyable supporting duo and while Carlos Mencia feels like a stand in for George Lopez, he still does a pretty good job and holding his own. America Ferrera does great alongside a fresh face to the movie screen in Lance Gross (House of Payne). Charlie Murphy, Warren Sapp, and even Taye Diggs join in on the hilarious ride and make this movie well worth the watch.

It may be a familiar plot, but if you’re looking for a some laughs, romance, some Babyface and a happy ending, then this is definitely the movie for you. Try to catch it before it’s out of theaters or definitely when it comes out on DVD.

Our Family Wedding receives a PARL

Rating System:
PARL…Kinda Great

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