Capone-N-Noreaga Make Their Comeback


To all the Hip-Hop aficionados and pure bred music fans there’s cause to celebrate. I want you all to pop some champagne and put your feet up for this because its official Parlé Magazine has the first exclusive interview with the dynamic rap duo, C-N-N (Capone –N- Noreaga) for their long-awaited “comeback” album.

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The reason I call it a “comeback” is because as Noreaga jokingly says, “We been here, where you been?” If you are a true fan of Hip-Hop music then you’ll now that C-N-N are definite trailblazers of this game since the 1990s era. We took a journey with them to discuss their careers and the upcoming album.

Parlé: Can you give our readers a little background info for the new generation and those who might not exactly know who you are?

C-N-N: (Capone) CNN is basically me; I’m Capone and my partner Noreaga. We came out at about 1996 and dropped our first joint The War Report.

(Noreaga) We been doing this rap thing for a minute so we like Vets at this thing right here.


Parlé: It seems like we as fans haven’t heard much from you guys, is it true you guys have been on hiatus?

C-N-N: (Noreaga) Naw, we been here, where you been?

(Capone) I wouldn’t call it a hiatus tho. We been making music all this time.

(Noreaga) Sometimes records execs spend too much time sucking buffalo balls to actually push our stuff out on the mainstream like they suppose to which is why it might seem like you haven’t heard a lot from us, but we always been here making music doing our thing.


Parlé: What have you guys been up to?

C-N-N: (Capone) We’re currently in partnership with Raekwon of The Wu-Tang Clan doing our thing with The Ice Water Regime.


Parlé: So you guys are signed under Raekwon?

C-N-N: ( Noreaga) It’s a 50/50 thing.


Parlé: What can we as fan expect from the upcoming project?

C-N-N: (Capone) We fixing to drop the new CD sometime this year, The War Report II.

(Noreaga) We giving ya’ll that raw and gritty shit that we had when we first dropped The War Report. This is straight up street shit. No commercialization here.


Parlé: Speaking of commercialization, do you think the music industry has gone commercialized as opposed to when you first started?

C-N-N: (Noreaga) Its about making money. I’m happy for anyone out there doing his own thing rather than him selling drugs or jacking people.

(Capone) It’s all about music. I can’t really say anything bad about anyone who’s trying


Parlé: You both have had phenomenal careers together and solo, are there any plans after this album?

C-N-N: (Capone) We gonna see what happens with this album first before we settle on anything else.

(Noreaga) It’s all about doing what you love. I’ve had joint projects with Pharrell, Swizz Beatz and a few other big names in this biz. If I didn’t like what I was doing then I couldn’t see myself doing it.


Parlé: Is there anything else our fans and readers can look forward to?

C-N-N: (Noreaga) For real, I wanna be the first to congratulate Parlé, you got an exclusive joint right here. This our first interview back together to promote our upcoming project. You should give yourself a pat on the back. I’mma clap for you.


Parlé: I wanna thank you for having me and letting me interview you.

C-N-N: (Capone) It’s a pleasure, we gotta let the fans and your readers know what’s up.

(Noreaga) Be sure to stay on the lookout for our new album The War Report II.


I wanna thank C-N-N (Capone -N-Noreaga) coming through and blessing us with their time. I’ll be sure to check out the CD when it drops, I hope our readers do too.


Image by Christian Ortiz


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