Who Knew Trash Could Get A Spin-Off?!


As if the Frankie and Neffe show wasn’t enough ghetto shenanigans, the twosome are back at it again, but this time erase the mothering train wreck we all know as Frankie, and replace her with some unknown wannabe rapper/celebrity known as Soullow, or Neffe’s fiancé. The lovely couple plan to hit your television screens quite soon when they debut their new reality show “The Neffe and Soullow Family Tree.”

What’s crazy about this entire reality show situation is that most of us will watch at least one episode although we know it’ll be pure crap (pretty much). In 30 minutes (or 22) we’ll be introduced to their 8 kids, or family members, and watch just how Neffe and Soullow try to inspire their children to be the best they can be. Wait a minute, are Neffe and Soullow the best they can be? Because that’s pretty much nothing.
I know…I’m sorry.

Today I realized that one can make a career out of teaching children how not to grow up like them. Soullow, currently works as an instructor for Soldierz, a peer to peer mentoring program. On camera he’ll continue teaching the male youth how he wasn’t raised with any positive male role models, but that sure didn’t stop him from landing a reality show.
“I’m rich bitch!”

He’s also pursuing his passion for cooking by attending a Culinary Arts school. Not only that, he’s also starting a production company with a man who goes by the silly name of Antonio “Top Cat.”

Wow, this reality show may be just a tad bit short of amazing. If this couple isn’t a prime example of the working class then I just don’t know what it. We have Soullow, a man I have no idea about (and I’m sure you don’t either) setting out to chase his dreams like us regular people. There’s no Mercedes, mansion, or expensive dinners like what those kids on The Hills experience, it’s just pure hustling.

But of course we can’t stop at Soullow, there’s his bride-to-be Neffe, the woman who gave him this reality show opportunity in the first place. She’s working on her book My Happiness is My Sanity, which tells about her hectically insane childhood. There’s no publisher just yet and that’s where the on-camera hustling will begin. Of course it wouldn’t be fair for Soullow to be a mentor and not Neffe. In fact they’ve created their very own “Neffe and Soullow Foundation,” speaking to youth about how to face everyday troubles; let me guess, with your head held high.

Maybe I can start the “Porsche Simpson Foundation,” what useful information I’ll share, who knows but does it even matter these days?

So, there are the 8 children, foundations, books, production companies, and a partridge in a pair tree. Oh and I can’t forget to mention the preparation for the long awaited “wedding of the century.”
Okay, I’m done laughing.

I’m sure your hearts are pounding and your face is drenching with sweat anticipating when we can all tune into this “reality” show a pair of F-Listers call their lives…well I don’t know just yet.

But you can check out their public announcement at:  

There is one thing I’m almost sure of though, that this disgrace will land on the network I’m ashamed to be associated with called BET.

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